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USA Coup In Venezuela Brings Oil Back

US Recognizes Self Proclaimed President Sets Precedent With Venezuela The insanity in the last couple weeks, coming from the Trump White House, can be seen in their major drive to bring about a coup in Venezuela using a flimsy excuse to recognize a self-proclaimed president. After way over 2 years of crippling sanctions on Venezuelans all of a sudden the US government feigns its’ desire to help Venezuelans. If there

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Buzzfeed Leads Mass Media To Fake News

Buzzfeed Leads Mass Media To Fake News. Buzzfeed is an online entity that is dedicating itself, or so they want you to believe, to be a news outlet. Recent stories are bent on taking our nation into a frenzy, whipping the Democratic party faithful into a lucrative click bait army. The real problem is major news networks take idiot fake news like Buzzfeed and report on the fake news created

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Mike Pompeo Creates Story For Saudi Prince Salman

Mike Pompeo Helps Saudis Create Storyline Mike Pompeo rushed to Saudia Arabia overnight to meet with king Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and create a palatable story to cover up their murder. Remember this is a family owned despotic kingdom not anything to do with democratic values and understanding how this story must be fabricated, or shaped, is important. This is blatant collusion by Trump with the house

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Where is Khashoggi?

Where is Khashoggi? It is a question on some peoples minds while those in the know, close to crown prince Salman, do not have to question it. What we know about Khashoggi The fact is Khashoggi went into the Saudi embassy in Turkey and never was seen, as a human, leaving. Our sources tell us of the torture and eventual murder was done under the oversight of top Saudi forensic

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Saudi Prince Salman Has Kashoggi’s Head

Saudi Prince Salman Has Kashoggi’s Head Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had enough. He decided to have his minions detain, torture and kill the irritating journalist. To make things better for himself although worse for Kashoggi, Salman had him chopped into parts. All of this was recorded by spy cams placed throughout the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Our informants in Turkey has told us the head was flown

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Google, Facebook, Apple and More Working For One Voice

It is nothing new to find the likes of these huge corporations working together and in lock step with government. We wrote in 2011 when Obama admitted to massive spying on the world, after his top intelligence officers swore to congress no such spying existed, about this and showed the meeting of the data gathering team. Now these centers of information and connection are working to make sure only one

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