Americans Agree – No More War Funding!

Americans Agree – No More War Funding!

Americans Agree – No More War Funding!

In our latest Ipso-Facto poll 78% of Americans do not want more funding for the war in Ukraine or the arming and backing of Israel’s occupation forces (IDF).

We actually see the Republican efforts as positive in that they have resulted in no government shutdowns, the debt is not growing and is in fact being paid, and funding the worlds most corrupt government, Ukraine, has stopped. Perhaps the removal of a House gavel has made Congress more responsible in this way, but also allows the agenda of stopping the war funding and rebuilding our nation an open road. Perhaps that was the Republican strategy to stop the out of control spending by Biden?

Ukraine despotic leader and his corruptions

The fact that Ukraine, before, during, and probably after its’ NATO proxy war against Russia, ranked above Russia in being most corrupt is telling. While government officials want to make this all about freedom of nations it is really about using Ukrainian lives to cripple Russia. It is not working and Ukrainians are dying for the lies fed them from the NATO nations.

Israel Claims Occupiers Right To Defend

Funding the Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal as much as the act of being the occupier. There are deep ties in the USA with Israel, but standing alone in the UN, the world, and right or wrong standing with Israel when it is clear they are criminally liable?

Chuck Schumer and Biden must stop

We cannot keep bombing Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and still claim we dont want to expand the wars! We cannot keep sending money for Ukraine to squander on an expensive exercise while Zelensky has called off elections and joined the world as a despotic anti-democratic nation.

Time to wake up and stop voting party tickets. That is how Schumer and Biden gained office. Their politics and actions supporting genocide, funding wars we cannot afford does not put Americans first.

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