US Secrets And Lies Exposed Ukraine And Spying

US Secrets And Lies Exposed Ukraine And Spying

US Secrets And Lies Exposed Ukraine And Spying

The constant drip, drip of leaks, both intentional and not, spew forth from the US government everyday while the government is intent on keeping truth from the people. Now a huge leak of over 100 documents is available and shows truth in our government just does not exist.

What you wont see in fake mass media

Totally ignored in most cases there is no commentary about the fact that 100’s of US special forces have been on the ground in Ukraine. That the sinking of the Russian ship Admiral Makarov, that gave Ukraine a boost in “self esteem,” was actually done by US forces and intelligence services. Or that the drones that attacked the airfield in Russia were controlled through US satellites from Elon Musk’s Starlink and US intelligence services.(1)

Spying on everyone – the US loves to spy

The reports allegedly show the extensive spying our government is doing to its friends and allies. While we all were shocked when we learned, back in the Snowden exposures, this long ago it was “supposedly” stopped and spying stopped. But nothing could be further from the truth. US spying increased and spread to Canada, Germany, UK, EU, Israel, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and to every single one of our supposed allies. What’s a little spying among friends? You don’t mind if we listen to you in the bedroom or search your private areas?

Remember what happens to media that publishes leaks?

Why these leaks are embarrassing

The documents show that the US government knows that Ukraine is losing the war and cannot even hold its’ own without a huge investment in arms and munitions. Ukraine is using its arms to the point they cannot be replenished. That the Ukraine air defense is not just obsolete, but totally overwhelmed.

Follow the money

Ukraine is so corrupt its oligarchs are getting rich off the funds coming from the USA both governmental and through efforts of stars like Sean Penn and Mark Hamill. Their fund raising passes bribes across the internet into the hands of corrupt Ukrainians.

Where is Biden

As the USA sees another mass shooting, train derailments, roads falling apart, bridges collapsing, people in poverty, living in the streets, Joe Biden is in Ireland. The main speech Biden gives is that it is so nice in Ireland he does not want to go back to the USA. After what he has done to the nations with the lies over Ukraine and handing half a trillion dollars to that war while ignoring the needs of his nation, we hope he stays there.

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