Schumer Calls For Israel Election NYC Under Siege

Schumer Calls For Israel Election NYC Under Siege

Schumer Calls For Israel Election While NYC Under Siege

Our senator Chuck Schumer busy funding Israel with bombs and money while NYC is under siege by migrants making the subways a war zone.

Schumer supports Israel Genocide with more arms and money

Chuck Schumer took on the role of Biden mouth piece as he calls for elections in Israel. Blatant international interference of another nations sovereignty while NY struggles with rampant migrant crimes. Recently the National Guard, Police, and various law enforcement agencies have surged into our subway system. Like a war zone traveling in the NY subway system seems to have as many armed soldiers as travelers. All this to try and quell the major jump in violent attacks on travelers of the subway by migrants, homeless, and starving New Yorkers.

Chuck Schumer supports Ukraine while NYC street crime rises

Chuck Schumer support Ukraine. He has voted to give Ukraine another tranche of money, arms, and support while ignoring the issues of our nation, state and city. Good ole Chuck is not shy to take the podium pontificating from his vacuum in support of Ukraine. Schumer has visited Ukraine but not the New York City subway systems.

But the hypocrite seems to split on the genocide going on by Israel. Schumer condemned China for not supporting the genocide in Gaza. He votes for more money, more bombs, more munitions, more attacks on Yemen. Then decrying what Israel is doing with the money, bombs and munitions. Not one sanction, nothing to condemn, just support out the side of his mouth while calling for care of civilians being massacred in a genocide not seen in generations.

US government supports Ukraine & Israel wars

Both Chuck Schumer, our senator and AOC our representative are joined at the hip in backing both Ukraine, a dictatorship and Israel continued genocide. While Israel keeps droning on about its’ prisoners in its’ occupied territories revolting and killing some 1200 Israelis they all seem to ignore the 30,000 woman and children they murdered in the last 6 months. They want to keep on with the “remember Oct 7th” and bow to Israel right of self defense. Wanting you to forgive the massacre and genocide they are committing in that name of “self defense.”

Israel is wanting you to forget the occupation, the torture inflicted on those people, the confiscation of land for its’ own expansion, the crimes they commit. Ignoring all International Law. There is no “right of self defense” when you occupy a population. In fact you are responsible for their safety and well being. The apartheid state of Israel has no care for Palestinians. It considers them animals that should be eliminated and removed from what Israel wants – the land from river to the sea.

Israel Goal Eliminate Palestine and Take Land

The Israeli government in power now wants to eliminate the whole of Palestinian population and seize the land for the growing Israeli population. Schumer is delusional thinking that Israel would vote in another more reasonable government. They have had many elections and each time the same Zionists parties win. They want that land and do not want any Arabs to live their anymore. So Chuck, why not focus on our own nation? Stop sending money, arms and support to warring nations and fix our own problems!

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