Ukraine Devolves Into Pure Dictatorship

Ukraine Devolves Into Pure Dictatorship

Ukraine Devolves Into Pure Dictatorship

After the last election in Ukraine the comedian Zelensky won on a platform to bring peace to the Donbass region. While some saw he might have actually tried, it is plain to anyone that he has failed miserably in that effort.

Ukraine law makers encourage the dictatorship

Zelensky has packed the Ukrainian parliament with his nodding heads ready to do his bidding. He has outlawed opposition politicians, jailed them, and in some cases had them “disappeared.”

As the USA and EU pack Ukrainian oligarchs pockets with unaccounted billions of dollars and euros. All the while the Ukrainians have passed laws, making it “rule of law,” that there be no elections until Zelensky says so.

Ukraine extends war on its’ citizens

The Ukrainian government have passed laws prohibiting its’ citizens from speaking Russian. This is making over 20% of the population denied the rights to even speak what is their native tongue. It would be like ban speaking Spanish in the USA.

The Ukrainian government passed laws that curtailed the church from following its’ roots to the Eastern Orthodox Church. They made its’ own church answerable to the Zelensky dictatorship. This is akin to telling Catholics they cannot talk to the Pope or be affiliated with him because he is Italian.

Zelensky becomes dictator for life

Since the fact is there are no longer elected officials in the Ukraine it really means no democracy exists there anymore. Zelensky will no longer be president in Ukraine as of end of May. He will be, at least, a ruler with no democratic mandate. At worst Zelensky has brought Ukraine under dictatorship. Even the parliament there will no longer have a single elected official. Just those who profit from the ongoing largess of the EU and USA as they funnel huge sums of money to support the dictatorship.

Neither the USA nor EU are even asking for an accounting to where the money goes. Bribery at all levels has skyrocketed as the EU claims Ukraine shares its’ values. Of course with recent exposure to the vast corruption in the EU right up to the president came to light certainly Ukraine shares that value of bribery.

The right thing to back dictatorship

With the recent US House voting to give more non accounting money to support the travesty with a cray that “It is the right thing” one has to wonder if working for peace is not the “right thing.” Why is arming warring parties money the “right thing” when no one is working, communicating, or trying for peace? Instead the media, along with its’ masters, ignore the fact that officials keeping power after canceling elections are actually dictators.

Some claim that Zelensky cannot hold elections while waging war. But Russia had no problem holding elections that included recently attached lands in the Ukraine without issue. Saying that they cant hold elections while they sit in Kiev shops sipping wine, eating ice cream, and attending night clubs sort of makes that a non sequitur argument.

The EU Values Dictatorship In Ukraine

The EU’s the non popular elected Ursula von der Leyen is the epitome of hidden dictatorship. She has never been in a real election, her claim to power comes from the internal pressures on other EU nations to place the x-German war minister to the head of its most powerful European Commission. That is where people cannot vote anyone in or out of power.

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