Russian Dies CNN Cries – Ukraine Kills US Journo Silence

Russian Dies CNN Cries – Ukraine Kills US Journo Silence

Russian Dies CNN Cries – Ukraine Kills American Journo

What is it with the mass media hysteria over Russia? Not one mass media outlet has not taken advantage for condemnation of the Russian authorities about the death of Navalny. Our nimble witted president waited 2 minutes before accusing the president of Russia for a death Biden had no information about – except that Navalny was dead. No autopsy, not information, but its’ really our way. Shoot first ask questions later, then forget about it.

Gonzalo Lira murdered in Ukraine jail

What about Gonzalo Lira, the US citizen who the freedom loving Ukrainians arrested because they did not like what he published. Put in jail, solitary confinement, and a month or so died in that Ukrainian jail. Freedom loving Ukrainians? CNN, not a word, it would not pass their owners and certainly reporting it would cause the people in the US some strife. Having to swallow the murder of one of our own journalist in Ukrainian jails might jeopardize the mass profits of the war machine and stop the funding of these clowns.

Julian Assange still being tortured in UK Belmarsh

It has been 10 years of persecution against Julian Assange. 2 Years in, what the world calls, one of the worst prisons in the world. This old Victorian citadel of torture is usually reserved for the worse criminals, and maybe that is why the Brits prefer to keep him in solitary confinement. With this torture alone Assange is being held on no charges, merely on the whim of the UK to hold him in case the US wants to try him. For their part, the USA that is, their whole case fell apart when the witnesses admitted lying, but they just continue to force the UK to hold this journalist. His crime? Showing the world the war crimes of the USA and UK. A journalist. Who is next? Will it be NYC TV?

Watch this video:

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