Rule of Law Definitive Definition Outlined

Rule of Law Definitive Definition Outlined

Rule of law is a legal fiction that fluctuates, expands, contracts, at the whim of whomever writes or enforces such laws.

What is “Rule of Law”

Rule of law is a construct that has roots in from whence it came. It is different in every nation, state, and city. It can be rigid or flexible depending on the nation or state foisting it on its’ citizens, other nations citizens, or the world.

Whenever you hear someone, usually a politician, talk of “rule of law” they generally speak of their own national laws and sometimes not laws but whatever whimsical right or law they dream of. The problem with “rule of law” is that whomever is talking or acting on such drivel can modify or change those laws at whim.

There is no “International Rule of Law” except by some broad interpretation the UN charter.

Who must abide by “Rule of Law”

Do you have to abide by “Rule of Law?” Wherever you live there are overlords, some “authorities” who hold your very life in their hands, your country most likely, followed by a State or Provence and maybe a cities laws.

Do I have to abide by USA “Rule of Law”

Oh yes, every human in the world must abide by the laws, inclinations, and any derivative ideals of the United States of America. You do not have to break US law in the USA to be held to account for breaking any US law, it can be anywhere and for anything. No nation in the world will not bow to their will.

What is an example of Rule Of Law

You can find examples of this with the torture of journalists like Julian Assange

Do I have to abide by EU “Rule of Law”

No one outside the EU has to abide by their laws. In fact their subject nations had such disparaging laws the EU commission had to create a law called “Rule of Law.” In that it demands all its subject nations must abide by any and all laws that the EU commission should make. The consequences for deviating from the course desired by the commission is a cutting of funds. The EU makes no bones about weaponizing its borrowing to browbeat its subjects into “finding their way” to follow the party line. The important thing to remember is when the EU talks of “Rule of Law” it is their laws and what they want is to be like the USA – expand THEIR rule of law to the world.

What is “Rule Of Law” the short answer

The rule of law for you is whatever those that rule you decide.  It is in all cases malleable and can be changed and altered at the will of whomever rules you.