US Congress Votes Ukraine & Genocide First

US Congress Votes Ukraine & Genocide First

US Congress Votes Ukraine & Genocide First

The US House of Representatives, while waving Ukrainian flags, voted to go more in debt to support of Israeli genocide and the Ukrainian dictatorship.

Ukraine first USA last

The absolute embarrassment of our nation to see its’ elected leaders waving foreign flags as they passed bills to fund more war, bombs and death in the Ukraine, more support for Israel’s genocide, and money to antagonize China. Alexandria Cortez, AOC, voted for more war funding and encouragement of genocides.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez votes Ukraine and genocide first! NYC last!

Dollar devaluation continues

Most telling is the absolute support the Democratic Party in passing these bills with not a single elected official voting no. While poverty, homelessness, violence and a declining value in the dollar is predominant in New York this vote shows representatives do not represent our nation. Costs of just living and eating are continuing to skyrocket and yet our representatives continue to print more dollars to aid Israel genocide and the Ukraine dictatorship while devastating New Yorker’s ability to survive.

Migrants running wild in New York City

New York is in turmoil as migrants take over the city, subway systems, and the cost is stratospheric. All this leave the police departments on the bottom of the barrel. The recent violent attack by 5 migrants on police officer and their arrest and instant release highlight an issue that continues today. All this is ignored by “representatives” who voted, with waving Ukrainian flags, to give the un-elected ruler of Ukraine 65 billion dollars to further extend the war and global financial destruction.

Give Peace A Chance

In all this Biden, nor his administration has not spent one penny, nor put out any efforts, to talk to all parties in the Russia Ukraine conflict. No phone call, no meeting, nothing to seek peace. All we are getting is talk of war and the need by our elected officials to make sure “Putin must not win.” This really shows how our representatives are working day and night to extend the war at all costs to destroy Russia. All costs means we face further devaluation of the dollar, or what they like to call, inflation. When it costs more to buy eggs and milk the reality is the dollar is worth less. That will continue until the dollar is not just worth less, it will become worthless.

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