Chuck Schumer Crushes Dollar Backs Inflation

Chuck Schumer Crushes Dollar Backs Inflation

Chuck Schumer Crushes Dollar Backs Inflation

Debt Ceiling?

Dollars for war while our infrastructure crumbles, costs of food soar beyond most, and finding a place to lay your head down unreachable for almost half the people.

Schumer likes the war and more money for it

Chuck Schumer is the leader sitting with Biden hoping that he can browbeat and bribe the other leaders to allow the continued demise of the dollar. You just can’t keep printing money without its’ value being drained. It is just reminiscent of the historical Weimar Republic as it just wants to print until ink becomes out of stock and they turn to just giving you fake digital coins with no value because the basis is you can create unlimited.

Do political parties understand their real duties?

These total idiots want to bring the fourteenth amendment into play? They are so high on their booze and drugs they have no idea of history or any ability to comprehend. Here is the section they want to bring to light:

Section 4

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned

Where is it that the trillion paid to Ukraine, the 3 trillion to destroy Afghanistan, the trillion to destroy Iraq, the billions to destroy Libya where can anyone’s rational fit that into Section 4? How about a multi-millionaire Senator from NY named Chuck Schumer do it?

Chuck, that section was put in so that the bankers, Rothshield and DuPont, would be paid and never questioned why or how – during the war between the States. It is not there to be a blank check for people to abuse it. In fact, you are supposed to only supply real money to the citizens, not make inked art and call it “money.”

Chuck, you may be crying for the most corrupt nation in Europe, Ukraine, but funneling close to a trillion dollars into that pit of snakes has already been shown that many top aides to your hero Zelensky siphoned off billions. Chuck, stop sticking it to us! Live within the budget. Stop the insanity. Open the world to trade again in dollars. Stop the robbery! If you dont the dollar will become a mark in history, a bad mark.

The World Turning Away From Dollar – Schumer’s fault

Trying to destroy Russia and cut off their banking from the dollar based world is backfiring. Hundreds of countries are running away, not for the “debt crisis” but the sanctions. The US is running all over Africa trying to coerce them into cutting trade with China and Russia and joining the sanctions against Russia. These countries see what the USA can do and are joining the freedom to choose. What did the USA offer these nations to join their war against Russia and China? Nothing except a promise not to punish them. That is what we are down to.

What can Chuck do?

We have to get Chuck Schumer to cry for US! For the USA, not for wars, building other nations, destroying other nations, etc. We need to get back to America! You have to stop putting us in debt. Live within the means and do it right. STOP MAKING THE USA BEGGARS!

I think that it would be a good idea to read the 14th amendment for all American. It is the only part of the Constitution we are under. All that written before it was the old USA, when “We The People” were the authority. This is the corporate Constitution and it lays out our rights, who are citizens, how the government should be run. It changes the freedoms we had in the Republic into mere subjects under a new federal government dedicated to “democracy.” The only way that amendment passed is because half the States did not have real representation. They had Union government officials as their government.

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