Putin Wins Russia Election Zelensky Cancels Ukraine Election

Putin Wins Russia Election Zelensky Cancels Ukraine Election

Putin Wins Russia Elections Zelensky Cancels Ukraine Elections

While the leaders of Russia hold elections with polling stations around the world Zelensky had canceled elections in the Ukraine. Perhaps this brings into focus which nation has democratic elections and which nation is under despotic dictatorship.

Putin Wins Russia Elections

Valdamir Putin has just won election to the presidency in Russia with an 87% turnout and won with 78% of that vote. Western governments like the US, UK, and Germany have branded that election as neither free nor fair as there was allegedly no credible candidate running against Putin.

Was Navaly only credible candidate to run against Putin?

The Western governments point out that many of the opposition were in jail, under trails, or dead like the racist Navalny. In fact several small demonstrations appeared in Moscow and several other European cities. While Russians were polling these demonstrations were in support of the dead Navalny. Navalny had once garnered 650k votes for mayor (25% of the vote) as a racist, losing that election. Navalny recently died of a blot clot while serving time in jail for financial corruptions.

Zelensky cancels Ukraine elections

Meanwhile Zelensky had canceled elections in the Ukraine turning against democratic values and in fear that he would be ousted for failed leadership. Having been elected on a platform to bring peace with Russia after 4 years of war (Ukraine had been bombing its western region since the coup in 2014). Once elected hee had quickly changed his course and brought more misery to his people.

Zelensky condemns Russian voters in Donbass

The comedian Zelensky condemned Russia for opening polls for Russians in what was once Ukrainian territory. Zelensky still thinks those territories are part of the Ukraine while they are entirely under the Russian flag and officially annexed. Zelensky was elected to bring peace to the whole of Ukraine.

Boris Johnson scuppered peace deal

There was a peace deal on the table with Zelensky and Putin over a year ago when a visit by then prime minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, scuppered the deal in exchange for billions of dollars in military aid. The EU was quick to go into debt to the tune of 50 Billion Euros to support Ukrainian government paychecks, Ukraine retirement payments, and funding to keep Ukraine alive. Another 50 Billion allocated to weapons and munitions for Zelensky to continue the proxy war against Russia for NATO.

Democratic elections or corrupt dictatorship

All this under the guise of a democratic nation against despotic dictatorship. But when this election period for both the Ukraine and Russia came the Russians held open elections and the Ukraine did not. So we have to ask the question of why are we backing a non-democratic nation, steeped in corruptions as the Ukraine is? All the while ignoring and even condemning elections in Russia?

The Biden administration war against Trump

Meanwhile back in the USA do we see any political opposition to the Biden regime being hounded with trials and threats of jail or worse? Is it a question of pot calling kettle black?

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