20 Years Iraq Occupation Yet No War Crimes Investigation

20 Years Iraq Occupation Yet No War Crimes Investigation

20 Years Occupation Of Iraq Still No War Crimes Investigation

This month marks 20 years of US occupation of Iraq and yet the ICC has not started one investigation into the war crimes of the various US presidents who committed them. In addition the man who brought to light over 100 US war crimes has been held in the UK torture cell at the notorious Belmarsh prison without charge for almost a decade.

Lying Colin Powell Dragged World Into Darkness

20 Years ago the US invaded Iraq after providing the UN with a spectacular show by the nefarious Colin Powell who lied before the world that he was holding anthrax taken from Iraq. It was really just crushed up aspirin. Yet, the USA gathered a couple of its’ underlings like the UK, France, and Poland to invade under these lies, destroy the nation, kill almost a million people and finally kill the leader of Iraq.

Crimes of USA through Blackwater

After destroying the nation and flooding in their military and several private mercenary groups, most famously Blackwater, it had the gall to actually write the Iraqis a constitution. In it the US is the power and the Iraqis are the slaves that do the work for the USA. All oil must go to the USA as “repatriation” for the military effort.

Middle East turned into dust

Over the years the US still destroys cities throughout the region right into Syria. The US occupation of Syria is on going and the theft of the Syrian oil is not just known it is welcomed by the US administrations. It provides funding outside oversight and can be used to fund black ops, Ukrainian poison gas and virus labs, all sorts of things the US administrations do not want to have on an accounting book.

When the ICC tried to start investigation of US war crimes, its’ funding was cut off. When the ICC tried to start investigation into Israel war crimes – same thing. But when the ICC tried to look into US/UK war crimes in Afghanistan all hell broke loose. and the following defining moment of whom the ICC can investigate and punish:

The ICC was conceived as a body to try war crimes when states do not have effective or reliable processes to investigate for themselves. The United States says that it has investigated many of the accusations alleged by the ICC prosecutors as having occurred in Afghanistan, and thus does not accept ICC jurisdiction over its nationals (1)

Freedom of Press only for those that take a knee

Julian Assange had exposed much of the crimes committed by US troops and administrations in video, audio, and texts. For exposing these crimes he has been held in various places as a prisoner. His crime was exposing crimes of the US and UK governments. Watching the helicopter gunship destroying a dozen unarmed civilians was the most horrifying visual Americans had seen of their government.

As we celebrate the occupation of Iraq at the hands of US presidents and UK prime ministers we have to also bow our heads in shame that the Iraqi people only changed slave owners. Iraq gave up their wealth to the new thugs controlling them. We all wish you well in the hopes you can shake the shackles of those who occupy you.

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