Ursala von der Leyen Decoupled By China

Ursala von der Leyen Decoupled By China

Ursala von der Leyen Decoupled By China

Ursula von der Leyen rode like a parasite on the back of Macron in a trip to China. Before leaving for the trip von der Leyen spent weeks trying to drive wedges between Russia and China. Calling Russia a second to the great China and then in the same breath explaining that the same fate dealt to Russia is going to be applied to China.

Too much a mother – not a realist

The constant proselytizing by von der Leyen ingratiates herself to all who come into contact with the German control freak. Ursula von der Leyen has no problem pontificating from a vacuum of her own creation. Trying to define a softer definition to her threat to punish the EU with ending trade with China she couched it in a mothering soft term as “decoupling.(video)” Which means to hold onto everything the way it is while they find ways to do it themselves or find other slave nations to get the materials it needs to survive.

China is not a child that needs mothers direction

While in China little is heard of any efforts by von der Leyen and one must see that her trying to treat China as just another one of her children who needs the guidance of a mother did not work.

Threatening China over Ukraine

Von der leyen’s main goal is to threaten China with sanctions if it does not adhere to the US demand that China does not do what the US, UK and EU are doing – fueling the war. What she does not want to see is that China defends its allies while the EU is trying to destroy that ally. Do what we want, not what we are doing, or you will suffer the same fate as Russia – lose some of the EU trade.

China give peace plan – EU gives warnings

China is the only nation in the world who stood up and provided a peace plan and a platform for that peace. All the EU, USA, and UK provided arms, weapons, and tactics. Zelensky said publicly the Chinese plan would never work but has begged Chinese President Xi Jinping to come stand in line with other stars and heads of state to kiss his hands. Zelensky, while making several trips to the USA and other nations will not do so to China, rather wanting to be like a pope and hold court in his bunkers. Something is not right with the mans mind.

Ursula von der Leyen curse of the EU

Ursula von der Leyen is a curse on the EU. She would be better as minister of a church as she is more adept at working wokisims and “faith” rather than being a realist that could be a real leader.  She has NEVER been elected by the public to any office of trust. The constant preaching to others that they should follow the corruptions in EU and toss their own beliefs or face punishment just wreaks of a mother gone mad.

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