A Grave Warning To All Journalists From USA

A Grave Warning To All Journalists From USA

Truth has no place in Journalism

The USA has sent out a grave warning to all journalists, no matter where they are, or what country they live and work in, freedom of the press must conform to the will of the US Government or torture will be sure if not swift.

While our good friends, the Saudis, have a special way to deal with those who expose “uncomfortable” truths we are actually a lot worse. They make Halal meat out of them and their demise was quick and deliberate. The crime for death was telling the truth and asking the questions and the Dictatorship of Saudi answers to no one and law is created by them not for them.

The USA wants give Julian Assange the Saudi makeover, but will settle for torture in a US prison instead.

In Fog Of War Truth Is First Victim

While the mass corporate media of the west cant get enough of war, truth is the first victim. The first attack on freedom of press came as the USA, UK, and EU took away distribution of information from anyone other than US government approved media. It was no longer allowed to have unbiased reportage and certainly any media contrary to western government was not just shut down, it was removed from all means of distribution. This meant that the only news in the USA, UK or EU was fomented by five major corporations from the USA.

Torture Awaits Those Who Insist on Truth

As this fog of total lies was spread no one seemed to notice that a singular beacon of truth was still being held in Belmarsh prison in the UK at the orders of the USA. A sort of faux democracy in action. As the battles raged on no one noticed, or cared, that the last cry for freedom of press was crushed with the help of the UK monarchy. Julian Assange was denied the right to appeal what was all along the goal of the USA, to capture an Australian journalist who dared to expose the criminal actions of the USA and UK governments laying proof of war crimes at the foot of fake democracies in the west.

Assange Held In Worlds Worst Prison

Assange has been held in the top security Victorian torture cells for years, never for a crime, just at the request of the USA. Why? For exposing the many war crimes committed by the USA and UK in their invasions and destruction of several Middle East nations. The murders of innocent civilians as if it were sport. Neither the USA, nor the UK, deny the crimes or the evidence, they want to put any journalist in jail who reports truths that show the total hypocrisy of democracy. No one should be allowed to expose uncomfortable truths when it comes to the USA, UK, or even the EU.

Long Arm Of US Law is Global

The USA allegation is that somehow Assange hacked the computers with his razor sharp mind and stole these truths that should have remained hidden from the public. That these truths uncovered did not belong to the public and because the public would, perhaps, get mad at the government if they were shown, Assange was a public menace to the powers who want to hold their grip over the people they rule and continue their false narratives.

Beware! You are Next!

Journalists from all major networks and print outlets are happy to ignore the issues because they can continue to collect huge paychecks for reading the scripts provided, allowing trained CIA and MI5/6 agents to lead the affront on truth by spouting lies as if it were true.

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