Why Does The US Want Edward Snowden So Badly?

The question arises just why does the USA want Edward Snowden so badly. The answer is more complicated than what we see on the surface.

The USA has already been responsible for kidnapping the President of Bolivia and has stated it will do anything it can to shut Snowden up and get back the data he has not released.

It is alleged that Snowden has direct data, emails, and phone messages taken from the bankers talking to themselves and government officials as they plan to swindle more money from the US coffers. Like the recent exposure of tape recordings of Irish bankers as they commit criminal frauds to steal more funding from tax and debt coffers these revelations become a national security issue because they will cause citizens to see the frauds their governments are perpetrating on them.

For our part in the USA the government has created secret courts to hear secret reasons why everyone in the USA is the enemy because faced with the truth about their government they would be inclined to revolt against it. That is certainly a national security issue if you are government.

Yet if one reads the US Constitution you can’t help but notice the fourth amendment where we are guaranteed our freedom from unreasonable search and lay’s out the rules that government must apply to snoop on us.

The government in the USA has stripped away all rights of Americans and given them a single person whose word can not only take away all rights of the Constitution but also take their life – for no other reason than he decides to do so. This is more like a dictator, king, or warlord and less like the ideals expressed in the Constitution. Yet the president of the USA can issue kill orders, kidnap orders, hold Americans without charge forever without liability and we sit back and lap up his excuses.

Obama, along with Michael Bloomberg, claim Americans must give up freedom for security. That has never been a good idea and after giving up these freedoms for security we get the Boston bombings where local terrorists were not only targeted but also watched. So where is that security?

There comes a time when all good men must stand for their country and that time seems to be coming soon. With almost all the original Constitution made moot by Amendments and the rest being secretly taken away we are left in the same position that many Germans were when the Nazi party took over rule before World War II. I remember wondering why normal Germans did not stand up against the Nazi’s and now understand why. No one wants to believe their government has turned evil but sooner or later we will all have to accept it and either do something about it ourselves or wait for outside forces to come and do it for us.