Chuck Schumer Supports Non-existent Ukraine Democracy

Chuck Schumer Supports Non-existent Ukraine Democracy

Chuck Schumer Ukraine Democracy First NY Last

Recently Tulsi Gabbard raised her voice to lay the facts and reality in Ukraine and how our elected officials are supporting the Zelenskyy dictatorship using the false narrative of defending Ukrainian freedom and democracy.

Laid out is how Ukraine, under Zelensky has taken away freedoms, closed media outlets, smashed religious freedom making the second largest church in Ukraine illegal and is more of a despot than any elected official should be. Zelensky outlawed freedoms of speech and banned the Russian language spoken by 20 percent of “his” population. He lied to get elected and lies to this day.

Zelensky Promised To End The Civil War

Elected on the promise to end the civil war in Eastern Ukraine he not only did not deliver this in fact when he tried his own military would not allow his orders to be acknowledged. He antagonized his neighbor Russia by stating his desire to buy atomic weapons a year ago. Watch the video when he TRIED to exert power to stop the civil war.

Zelenskyy and Ukraine are racists corruptions personified and Zelensky’s lies, along with our government representatives, have gotten the world closer to Armageddon. Recently more than half of Zelensky’s closest aides and ministers have been dismissed for their corruptions and face no charges, just dismissed to enjoy the fruits of our taxes given freely to help Ukraine destroy Russia.

Chuck Schumer votes more money to Ukraine than for New York

Our great NY senator Chuck Schumer, while crying, bemoans that we cant give more to Ukraine. All the while NY residents suffer obscene inflation, spiraling homelessness, and a national debt that is so insane it will never be repaid. Yet, under all that, he votes more money for Ukraine and nothing for NY citizens. Schumer Encourages Continued Support For Ukraine: ‘The Right Thing To Do’  and Chuck Schumer To Ukraine: ‘Help Is On The Way’

In the meantime Chuck has done nothing to help NY, he is more concerned with Ukrainians, their border, their weapon supply, their food, heating, clothing, etc. All while NY experiences stratospheric inflation starving our own. But, Chuck is okay, and he will continue to support the dictatorship in the Ukraine, after all, Zelensky is our man. In fact Chuck rather ban weapons for Americans while funneling tanks, planes, money and more for Ukrainians. ‘Nobody Cares More About This Than Me’: Chuck Schumer Calls For Assault Weapons Ban for Americans.

Biden loves Europe’s most corrupt

Our president Mr. Biden has blundered around, mind riddled with dementia, carrying on the efforts to arm Ukraine and destroy Russia, the plan all along. No where are any of the NATO nations working, talking, walking, trying, to bring peace. As Zelensky has become their leader they agree “Weapons are peace.” More like a sick throwback to the novel 1984 than anything a normal rational being might say. They all mouth the lie that this is about freedom and democracy, as if?

$100 Billion More US debt for Ukraine – Nothing for NY

As the US debt is growing daily the Democrats and Republicans would rather go deeper into debt, not for the poor, starving, homeless, but for Ukraine to get more weapons, pay for their heat, food, hot water, and homes. No wonder they want to end the debt ceiling. Hard to keep giving away what you don’t have and cant get to save the most corrupt nation in Europe. Better to foist that debt on Americans.

Zelensky is no hero

Zelensky is no hero, he is sending his own people into a meat grinder for his own intransigence. Zelensky is not the Man Of The Year, with his daily TV begging marathon for everything but peace. Zelensky is happy to be the proxy to destroy Russia as long as NATO nations foot the bill. How he thinks the blood of the already 100,000 Ukrainians who died in this war can be paid for is never talked about. Remember Zelensky was the first to wag the nuclear bomb threat On February 23, 2022 Ukrainian president Zelensky stated that Ukraine would procure nuclear weapons.

Tulsi Gabbard on the Truth of Zelensky and Ukraine

Zelensky ‘not all he’s portrayed as’ by Western media: Bernardi

USA and Israel refuse to fight global Nazism

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