Volodymyr Zelensky Collects Big From US and EU

Volodymyr Zelensky Collects Big From US and EU

Volodymyr Zelensky Collects Big From US and EU

Zelensky continues his media blitz from various bunkers in the Ukraine as his pathetic fakery spreads from the EU, to the UK and USA while the rest of the world laughs at the idiocy. Check MusicTV, they even had shown Zelensky begging at a Music Festival as nowhere is safe from his narcissism. He barged into the peaceful music and arts festival to foist his message to join his corrupt nation to give up their sovereignty to the EU instead of becoming neutral.

If you watch the fake news from CNN or other western mass media you actually think the Ukrainians are winning a war against Russia. The reportage has nothing to do with journalism and if you watch and listen you might think that the only victory of Russia is killing a couple children and a few dozen old woman. Yet, the reality is the radical troops claiming to be Ukraine’s armed forces are pulling back, losing 10,000 of soldiers and hundreds of towns to the Russians.

Those $50 billion in arms and munitions? Well, much of it has been resold to various radical groups and nations who will use these arms against NATO’s defensive actions in the Middle East and elsewhere. But do not worry, Biden is now going to send more arms. Not content with spending $5000 for every man, woman and child in the USA he will do even more. His commitment to this cause will bring the cost of gasoline to $10 a gallon by September and make heating oil more costly than gold itself. Pumping out more money to embolden the losers in the Ukraine is a sad bet that most Americans would rather NOT see.

In fact, Biden even figures if he bans Russia from selling gold they will default on all their loans and western banks, who no longer are allowed to do business with Russia, will not make loans to them either. As if they want those loans or Russia need them.

The G7 has expanded to include the EU even though they are not a nation or a state, but a trade union. In fact in this last meeting there were nine at the table, the elected leaders of the 7 states that make up the G7 and 2 representatives from the EU who neither one of them ever won even a single vote in any election by any public entity or state. They are elites who have bullied their way as if they were countries. Ursula von der Leyen seems to be the G8 and her never won a vote in any election partner in crime Josep Borrell, who also never ran or won a vote in any public election. These two jokers sat at the G7 table pretending it was still 7 instead of 9. 2 of which are the EU, which is not a state or a nation YET. And if they become a nation/state who will represent them at the UN? And if they represent the EU, then all the states would be like US states, not able to appoint people to the UN. End German, French, Dutch, etc UN representation – or give New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Louisiana, etc seats at the UN???

The fact is they are all losing because they funnel war and weapons instead of peace and stability. Each of these seven barbarian nations rather see their people starve than allow the Russians anything or to discuss peace. For the USA it was easy to give away Syrian sovereignty to Israel and give them the Golan Heights, but impossible to make Ukraine’s stop their genocide in the east and give autonomy to its’ people. Instead the USA is foisting a war to weaken Russia and using the stupid Eastern European hatred and blood lust to do the job for them. A real mind game.

The real problem is Zelenski thinking giving up total sovereignty to the EU is better than being independent and neutral. Zelenski is not fighting for us. He is fighting for the US military. He is not fighting for democracy because that is not what Ukraine ever had. He was elected to bring peace and implement the Minsk agreement, but never did. Like all politicians – he lied and now Ukrainian people will die for his weakness.

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