Ukraine Racism Then You Saw It – Now You Wont

Ukraine Racism Then You Saw It – Now You Wont

Ukraine Racism Only Shown On News Before Russia Special Operation

While history has shown how racism and Nazism are at home in the Ukraine mass media in the west has wiped out its’ existence. Instead they prefer to show how Ukraine is fighting for freedom and democracy, something which never had a foothold in that country.

No one wanted to help non-whites out of Ukraine

Who really rules Ukraine

From the first days after the fall of the Soviet Union Ukraine has really just had a tormented government. Led by radicals from all sides.

With the election of Zelensky, the comedian, on a promise to bring peace to the east of Ukraine he found he had a real problem – not even half the people cared about peace. These radical right cared about finishing the genocide they were making in the Donbas region since 2014.

10s of thousands of Ukrainians died at the hands of radical right wing “soldiers” bombing daily, for SIX years now. There was no peace there. They all voted to make that peace, and had the Minsk agreements as an outline. But Zelensky soon found out that if he tried he would die.

After that humiliation the clown Zelensky switched up the rhetoric delivered by his western handlers and decided not to give peace a chance – after all there was no chance with the radical right wing Nazis running the genocide in Ukraine east, there was just joining the party.

Zelensky Buries Minsk Agreement

Now Zelensky rather sit in a bunker, handing out medals to fallen idiots who survive the onslaught he brought them too rather than broker the peace everyone was waiting for and voted him into office for. I guess once you think a comedian will save you doom is very close. It is clear that Zelensky is the foil being used by the USA in its’ blood quest against Russia. Nothing will stand in the way of US military support. Never will the US allow anything but weapons to flow – talks, peace, never!

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