Today’s Fake News From CNN “No Nazis In Ukraine” Kim Brunhuber

Today’s Fake News From CNN “No Nazis In Ukraine” Kim Brunhuber

Today’s Fake News From CNN “No Nazis In Ukraine”

That’s right! Kim Brunhuber, famous for town hall’s with president Biden where he asked the questions and even gave the answers as Biden stumble-bummed around, allowed lie after lie to be dealt out while nodding away like a sleepy drunk who could not understand what was being said. His guest stated unequivocally that there were no Nazis in the Ukraine. An absolute lie and he just nodded and let her carry on as if all the truth was in there.

I am a born and bred US citizen. When I was young Nazi’s marched through the Jewish enclaves of Chicago’s Skokie suburbs, they live among us, and thrive. There are young and old Nazis in my country. They meet, they march, they have all the freedoms of anyone, or at least the fake freedom we have today. But we have them. They exist in every nation in the world. It is merely another breed of racism, which also is everywhere. For anyone to even try to say their nation has no Nazi’s is about as true as saying no one starves in any nation. I know here in the USA there are more poor than middle, upper, and rich class citizens. To say otherwise is deceitful and misleading.

Brunhuber Ignorance Gets Fat Paycheck

Brunhuber has no idea or is an ignorant idiot with a big paycheck foisting lies as truth. He now has allowed a lie to be placed in the minds of CNN viewers that somehow the Ukraine, a known Nazi collaborating nation who turned in its’ Jews and Russians to invading Germans during WWII, is the only western nation without Nazi leaning idiots. Kim, wake up! Smell the coffee and get your head out of that bum of yours.

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