Zelenski Clowns With Ukraine Lives From Bunker

Zelenski Clowns With Ukraine Lives From Bunker

Zelenski Clowns With Ukraine Lives in Bunker While His People Die For His Failures

Zelenski Destined To Lose His Nation And People

One thing is certain, the US, UK and all the EU (except Hungary) is funding and fanning the Ukrainian war against Russia with not one Euro or Dollar spent to communicate or work with Russia. The Western allies seem to have been tricked into backing war rather than allowing peace. Destroying all their economies and crippling their nations in the hopes that this might weaken Russia, maybe for a coup-de-grass by the USA?

Before the overthrow (coup) removing the Ukrainian democratically elected leader ,and while the US tried to get their man “Yats” into the presidency there, eventually it was one of the other war lords. You see, this “nation” was and still is a nation with various war lords who control various parts of that  “nation.” Well, anyone who watched their parliament figured out there was no semblance to real democracy. Most sessions of their parliament ended in fisticuffs and tossing of chairs, eggs, tomatoes et. al.

Azov battalion tells Zelensky to bugger off

In using Ukraine to bleed Russia, the US has showcased its contempt for everything in Ukraine that it claims to defend, namely its democracy and security. By treating Ukraine as a depot for US weapons, the US has joined Ukrainian fascists in sabotaging the 2015 Minsk accords that could have put an end to the civil war triggered by a US-backed coup the year prior.

The Minsk agreement called for granting Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population in the eastern Donbas limited autonomy and respect for their language. This prospect was a non-starter for the far-right nationalists and Nazis empowered by the 2014 US-backed Maidan coup. Watch the video below to see how these Ukrainian troops treat their president and ask what would happen if a US soldier did this to our president?


So Zelensky tried, but he saw that there was no way he could implement the agreement with Germany, France and Russia to end the Ukrainian genocide in their east.

Zelensky Buries Minsk Agreement

Ukraine Up Against The Wall

Zelensky Joins The Right To Avoid Death

A Realistic Military View On Ukraines Losing Battle

Yahoo – Ukrainian Clown or Political Wonder Boy

French Clowns Back Ukraine


Where is the $40 Billion Going?

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