Abortion Becomes A Freedom of Choice

Abortion Becomes A Freedom of Choice

Abortion Becomes A Freedom of Choice

Finally the US Supreme Court kicked the question of abortions back onto the States and the US government allowing each State to choose and all citizens of the USA to choose which States and whose “Rule of Law” they want to follow. The real issue is whatever the government thinks it gives you – they can take it back too.

For decades now the US Supreme Court has ruled the nation from the courts rather than allow States or the US Government to make laws. While there are many who are up in arms over this decision it is the correct one. Right now the US government is controlled by the Democrats and they could change the US law and make abortion a real Constitutional right. But they do not want to do this. The Democrats are playing politics with the lives of citizens by not taking action.

Democrats are not going to do anything about abortion now. They want to make it a November election issue. That way they can promise the world and deliver nothing, business as usual. As the Democrats look like they will be massacred in the upcoming elections they need something to run on and gain voters. What could be better than the abortion issue? The question is how stupid are the people of this nation? Will they understand that the Democrats have control of both houses of Congress now and are doing nothing so voting them back in or even more Democrats will NOT give them anything as to a Constitutional Right?

Republicans are actually split on this and voting in a Democrat will not give you a Constitutional Right to abortion. In fact, there is little hope of ever getting this through Congress no matter the party

Freedom of Choice

Right now you have freedom of choice. You can stay in a State that makes abortion a crime, or you can move – that is freedom. Our nation was built on diversity which includes freak religions, and other strange activities and thoughts. States define their laws because the US Constitution was set up that way. So you can have a diversity of all things including morals, religion, etc.

New York is a freedom state

New York is a freedom state because it protects the rights to abortion and already stated it would be a sanctuary State for oppressed woman everywhere no matter. In fact they have alluded that they would even pay their way!

Since we all have freedom of movement, move is what you should do. If you want abortion rights you move to where they are given freely. If you think abortion is murder, there are plenty of States that agree and your freedom to move is all you need.

The shame of it all? That governments interfere at all in the freedoms we all should find inherent from birth. Let my people go.

Lay of the land in the USA

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