Qatar World Class Corruption And Bribery With EU

Qatar World Class Corruption And Bribery With EU

Qatar World Class Corruption And Bribery With EU

Qatar Bribery Meddling in World Governments

The EU government has been caught in a bribery scandal that has no modern comparison. The vice president was caught with over a over half a million euros cash in her home. Her partner was also found with a huge amount of cash and arrested too. This is just the tip of this scandal as these were the people who gathered the bribes to be distributed to many in the EU Parliament including Francesco Giorgi, an x VP of the EU. Giorgi has already confessed to taking the bribes and spending them.

Ursula von der Leyen has been hard pressed and claims the reputation of the EU as a government has been harmed. But those who have bribed their way though the un-elected EU commission know how bribes work. Just this week the commission bribed Hungary with 3 billion euros in released funds to change its’ vote against 10 billion in European funds (it is actually the EU getting loans from bankers that will be a debt the whole block will suffer with) to be given free to Ukraine with no accounting. Of course Zelensky rails against Hungry for not kissing his rear.

But many know the long history of EU corruptions. The EU is one of the most corrupt institutions: Steve Hilton

Right after the commission bribe to Hungary, Poland vetoed that package until it got a similar payout from the commission. But rest easy, bankers are delighted to hand 10 billion to the EU commission at high interest rates so that Ursula can hand it over to the Ukraine for free – no strings attached.

Eva Kaili selling EU Sovereignty to Qatar

Eve Kaili has given huge speeches singing the praises of Qatar. Praising human rights and the open society of Qatar. She was selling Qatar for money. She has been in the parliament since 2014 and working for Qatar, not the people in Greece or the EU. The authorities have found 16 million euros in various homes linked to Kaili.

Qatar Is Not A Secure Energy Supplier

So the blame for this bribery is foisted on Qatar and several NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) who, according to the commission, have “weaponized” NGO’s. The EU loves to use the word “weaponized” when it comes to other nations. Fact is the EU has “weaponized” more goods and services than any other nation. The EU has “weaponized” the financial services, the banks, international trade, oil markets, gas markets, travel, and has stolen what are “sovereign” state assets illegally. The EU has no standing in calling others what it is as something bad, unless the EU admits to its’ transgressions.

Qatar is no angel

Even the USA is under the thumb of the oil rich Qatar. Explosive testimony given in a Federal Court accusing Representative Ilhan Omar of taking bribes from Qatar in exchange for leaking sensitive intelligence and influencing U.S. policy should be investigated by the FBI. Or maybe just be recalled or voted out?

Qatar is the worlds leading nation in modern day slavery.

Qatar working to supply Europe with billions of dollars in LNG has already put pressure (money tossed around) to try and present an image of something it is surely not. However the EU commission finds this much more desirable than getting cheap energy from Russia and continues to pirate assets of the Russian State. This sends a strong signal to many other nations that if you do not do as the commission demands then your assets, held in EU institutions, will be subject to the same “rule of law.” That rule of law will be written as needed by the EU.

Germany find Qatar more reliable for oil and gas than Russia?

Olaf Schultz has signed a huge deal with Qatar citing them as more reliable than Russia. But what happens when the EU adds sanctions on Qatar for bribery and manipulating the EU authorities with money? What happens when Schultz has to show the funds his party gets for this deal? Is Schultz so used to shooting himself in the foot it no longer pains him?


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