The Majority Of Global People Do Not Condemn Russia

The Majority Of Global People Do Not Condemn Russia

The Majority Of Global People Do Not Condemn Russia

While the fake news outlets in the western autocracies and democracies want you to think the world is united against Russia and support Ukraine – they are not just wrong, they lie. The reality is about 1/3 of the world backs the USA, UK, and EU in their proxie war against Russia while 2/3 of the world balks at that effort.

The world is not the US, UK and EU

Only 32 nations out of 190 have condemned or sanctioned Russia. When you count up the peoples in these countries and, even if you make the false assumption that everyone in those countries supports the proxy war against Russia using the blood of Ukraine, you come up with 1/3 of the worlds population. The other 2/3 of the worlds population not only trusts Russia more than the USA they think the Ukrainian people are corrupt bunch of Nazis.

The Washington Examiner goes through an explanation of why some of the countries and peoples even voted against sanctions on Russia. While their focus is on the five major nations and more than half the world population, there are many more. Almost all of South American, North Africa, and the Middle East have shown a propensity to resist the evil being presented through sanctions. Sanctions are war, economic war and more than 2/3 of the worlds population do not want any part of such shenanigans.

So we have China with 1.7Billion people, India with 1.2 Billion, and already that is close to double the USA with 325million, UK with 51 million, and the EU with 600 million. But all of South America, Cuba, North Africa, Saudi Arabia (wont even answer the phone to Biden) and you can see the mass media is LYING, EXAGGERATING, and beating the drums of WAR!! Even Israel, who keep millions in an open air prison, and Europeans like Serbia know that NATO is dangerous and an offensive military dictatorship (NATO destroyed a nation “defending”) and all the Arab states saw what being a USA ally brings. So alignment with Russia is much more palatable than with the USA and its’ various military organizations. No one likes a bully.

None of these idiots are foisting a plan to spend ANYTHING on peace. Our political pork-bellies are busy flying to talk to the media oligarchs guiding and directing their main actor in the Ukraine and not bringing peace. They bring weapons, promises of more weapons and munitions, more war, more blood, as long as it is not ours. They also bring lots of Chinese funded dollars that the US citizen now pays for so that the mass media oligarchs. that foisted a comedian on the Ukraine, play like they are defending democracy and freedom. As if! The Ukraine is a joke. Democratic like any corruption. It could not pass into the EU because they need a minimum of 10 years to TRY and get the corruptions out. But we gave them at least 19 BILLION so the ruling elite who control the funds can build better homes for themselves, fund their art, buy more cars, more studio cameras, and more.

Let’s not forget the millions of Ukrainians who fled their country into the EU. They got what the always wanted. They are in the EU with papers and will never leave. MILLIONS of them! When the conflict ends they will not return, they will then claim their EU papers and bring their families over too. They have already been absorbed, given homes, given food, money, phones, electricity, even some whole towns (in Spain) have been handed over. They are happy. who wouldn’t be when everything is free?

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