Worlds Largest Outdoor Prison Camp In Flames

Worlds Largest Outdoor Prison Camp In Flames

When genocide is permitted? When occupied revolt

The worlds largest outdoor prison camp, called “Palestine Enclave,” “Israeli Occupied Territories,” or sometimes “West Bank” is up in flames as those responsible for their occupied territories try to exterminate what they call “the vermin.” Netanyahu was not happy that the Corona Virus did not wipe out enough of Israeli held prisoners in the territories Israel is the occupier, and facing a never ending barrage of corruption charges in court, he needs this distraction.

To start this riot and start the genocide Israel started to evict Arab families from homes in the eastern part of the city, Jerusalem, which they had lived for centuries legally. The Jewish state had no problems re-writing laws and stripping those who lived in those homes so that they could be handed over to Jewish settlers. They did this on one of the most holy days for their prisoners, Eid al-Fitr, the breaking of the fast.

When one Arab being evicted asked the people kicking them out of their homes why he is stealing his property, the Israeli responded “If I don’t steal it someone else will.”

Then to make sure to bring the Arab community to a boil and hopefully instigate the occupied prisoners in the Israeli controlled lands to rebel, they closed the most holy Arab shine and place of worship, Al-Aqsa Mosque, in the center of Jerusalem.

With all these fires started the response was sure to come. And come it did! The occupied prisoners revolted. They fired small missiles from their cages, and almost 6 of them actually got into Israel homeland. These were small scale arms and soon, within hours, the Israeli forces launched the most advanced US Military hardware and bombs on their own prisoners.

The results were devastating to the Arab population under the care and occupation of Israel. But Bennie is quite happy as the results still show a 10-1 kill ratio and that will get applause from the “10 eyes for 1 eye” Jewish citizens. Israel made sure to only target high rise buildings that might have a line of sight to their homeland and swatted them down to rubble. This might keep their occupied Arab prisoners busy cleaning up their mess?

For its’ part the major arms suppliers of Israel; USA, UK, Germany, and EU range in support for the Israeli attack on those they are occupying, to more arms shipments. A few aging rock stars, like Roger Waters, have the nerve to call this genocide atrocious, but lucky for Jews everywhere, no one listens.

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