Crying Chuck Schumer More Debt For Ukraine

Crying Chuck Schumer More Debt For Ukraine

Crying Chuck Schumer More Debt For Ukraine

Crying Chuck Schumer Leads Charge To Screw New Yorkers

Perhaps this headline is a bit misleading? Should it really read “Crying Chuck Schumer Leads Charge To Screws All Americans?” Chuck Schumer has no hesitation in increasing our debt to China to the detriment of everything Americans really hope from their government in support of what he wants to pass off as a “democracy” but is really just a bunch of Ukrainian media oligarchs and has really not shed its historical past.

Known for his constant crying over the most idiotic things good old Chuck has decided we all need to borrow $50 billion dollars more from China to fund the crippling of Russia. After the rather astute reading from Rand Paul laying out why we should not participate in this war against Russia.

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We will have to borrow twice as much money from China than the whole Russian defense budget.

Borrowing billions does not increase inflation

As Paul lays out the facts, like addressing the huge debt, rising prices, and costs incurred on the debts created by continuing the global expansion of our various wars. His intense effort to lay out each and every reason why going so deep into debt to save a failing corruption, after all Ukraine ranks right next to Russia in corruption and could not pass muster to get into the EU if it wanted to, and to make sure the people know that this will not help US citizens at all. It will cripple the economy, make default more an issue, hand vast sums of money to a peoples whose corruption is beyond control, make gas prices soar, make food prices soar, and does not defend any kind of democracy at all. In fact it help fund corrupt actors in Ukraine.

After this amazing elucidation and concise presentation by Paul, the tearjerker senator from NEW YORK, our state, heard nothing and responded: “It is clear from the jr senator from Kentucky he does not want to aide Ukraine” “Overwhelming majority do not agree” .. (the funds) “are needed by a valiant people .. defending democracy.”

Chuck, clear the tears! The citizens here in the USA, and NY, do not agree with you! Not at all! Ask any individual if he will give up his job, his money, his car, everything for a bunch of comedians and media oligarchs in Ukraine and you will get a resounding NO! The majority of the worlds population does NOT agree with the NATO expansion, does NOT agree with our government, that is your efforts, to fund more weapons and munitions that the whole of Europe has, to defend the indefensible – a corrupt government that has been at war with its own people since the coup in 2014 to defend their place as one of the worlds most corrupt nations.

Here is an idea for you Chuck Schumer

Spend more time and money working for peace. Stop fanning the flames of war and start doing what politicians are supposed to do, work with others and negotiate peace. Fan the path to Peace, not go into debt for more war!

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