Ukraine A History of Nazi Collaboration Explained

Ukraine A History of Nazi Collaboration Explained

Ukraine A History of Nazi Collaboration

It was only 8 years ago that the US invested $4 billion to overthrow the 2012 democratically elected government of Ukraine and replace it by a western subservient government with a violent coup. The US government invested over $5 billion to obtain regime change. The EU tried to take part but Victoria Nuland famously said “F#ck The EU.” The US continued to fund this exercise in regime change and the violent overthrow was consummated. The US then gave them a new constitution, like they did for Iraq and other countries it destroyed. The idea to further divide the nation. The eastern portion of Ukraine declared its’ independence of the racist western front. If you look at the voting maps you instantly can see that the Eastern Part voted one way and the Western part exactly the opposite.

US Architect of Regime Change

But the election was won by Victor Yanukovych who beat the raging anti-Russian violent Tymoshenko.

After the overthrow of the democratically elected government and the US installed chocolate baron decided to ban Russian language totally. This made the obscure Ukrainian language the only official language and canceled the Russian majority. That meant 40 percent of the population could no longer communicate at all.

Zelenski – Total Fool On The Hill

The leader of the Ukraine, president Zelinski, has been set up, a total puppet, or a sucker born for this minute in history. He has no idea what a sucker he has been taken for but he has been had by NATO defense organization.

A few weeks ago Biden was caught with his pants down as he said Nord Stream II was dead. He was even asked by a so called “journalist” how in the world he could say that and how would he accomplish that. He smugly picked his teeth and said it was dead and not to worry. The reason is pretty clear now.

Russia Demands Removal of Nukes and Arms from Its Border

This whole incursion and destruction came down to Russia demanding that the US, UK, and EU stop funneling weapons of mass destruction on its’ borders. The US thinks that is insane, and like the Cuba missile crisis would never put weapons on another nations borders or surround them with rabid Nazis.


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