Zelensky Proposes A War Compensation Plan

Zelensky Proposes A War Compensation Plan

Zelensky Proposes A War Compensation Plan

Zelenskiy on May 22 proposed a formal deal with all the Western Allies to convert seized Russian assets as compensation for the damage during the war. Zelenskiy is upset that war means the other side will try to destroy as much of Ukraine’s infrastructure as it can. His proposal for such a deal would show any nation planning aggressive acts that they would have to pay for their actions.

“We invite partner countries to sign a multilateral agreement and create a mechanism ensuring that everybody who suffered from Russian actions can receive compensation for all losses incurred,” he said in another of his videos.

Zelensky Claims Victory for Ukraine

But in the same breath Zelensky claims to have crippled Russia, so who gets compensated really? According to Zelensky they have won. They should then pay compensation to Russia to cover the costs.

“We have broken the backbone of one of the strongest armies in the world. We’ve already done that. Including psychologically. They won’t get back on their feet for the next few years,” Zelensky said. “But let’s not forget that all our soldiers also want to live.”

Canada ready to take assets for Zelensky

Canada, whose despotic dictator said last month it would change its sanctions law to allow for seized and sanctioned foreign assets to be redistributed as compensation to victims or to help in rebuilding a foreign state from war just as they did on those Canadians who protested the government.

Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine want to join

Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine want to join in this drive to force aggressive nations who have bombed them into the dark ages to compensate and rebuild their nations. It is still to see if the global freedom leader who has bombed these nations and destroyed all their infrastructure will join in this compensation deal.

Zelensky Deal Will Cripple the USA

Of course this deal that Zelensky proposes would cripple the USA with several trillion dollars worth of compensation owed to the many nations it has destroyed. Somehow this deal has to be focused only on Zelensky and his war and not be expanded to cover aggression from the Western Allies. It will be a hard road to travel with that. Perhaps the Western Allies can make that law “from now on” and not cover the other current and future destruction that will surely occur? Or perhaps they can just make the law only against Russia? We have already made the US citizens pay, will they get their money back with this compensation? In the EU they are paying the price for not working for peace, how will that be compensated?

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