War Breaks Out At Worlds Largest Open Air Prison – Israel

War Breaks Out At Worlds Largest Open Air Prison – Israel

Israeli Confiscation of Palestinian Territory Goes Too Far

After months of bombing, invasions, terrorist attacks on Palestinians a war has erupted as the occupied prisoners of Israel are fighting for their freedom, their land and the world. Tired of over 50 years held prisoners of an apartheid regime.

After recent months of nightmarish raids, murders of woman and children by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) it seems that the occupied have risen.

Netanyahu has shown his intelligence operations are not just faulty, they are caught with their pants down as Palestinians invaded Israel. Like Israel has done to its Palestinian prisoners for years, and done what no one thought possible; Taken control of 4 towns, broken down the fence that the cowardly Israeli soldiers ran from as they were faced with aggression from the peoples they had suppressed and murdered for years. In this year alone 200 Palestinians have died and 1000 homes raised for the benefit and occupation by Israeli extremists.

Reactions around the world are coming in

Rishi Sunak, The UK war monger and prime minister has intoned the same response he does for Russia, calling the Palestinians terrorists and backing Israeli right to murder more Palestinians in territory illegally occupied by Israel. Sunak has no idea how to be a politician or a peace maker. He only knows war, only wants more war, and anyone who is prisoner in a fake democracy like Israel or England who decides to rebel against occupiers is a terrorist. Ohh.. EXCEPT for Ukraine where the occupation he thinks is illegal. When will UK citizens realize what is going on?

Biden has called the prisoners breakout a terrorist attack on the worlds number one apartheid dictatorship and backs Israel with more war funding. Biden ignoring the months, years, decades of abuse by the occupation forces of Israel. Declared an illegal occupation by over 175 nations.

The odd part is this is a reverse of what these USA/UK leader have been doing in Ukraine. Why haven’t they offered the occupied peoples weapons, money, intelligence services? The hypocrisy is so gross anyone can see what is going on.

Expect more, more war, more “democracy leaders” backing occupation (EXCEPT FOR THOSE WHO WOULD OCCUPY UKRAINE) and the murder of those occupied.



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