Israel Mimics Nazis Response To Warsaw Uprising

Israel Mimics Nazis Response To Warsaw Uprising

Israel Mimics Nazis Response To Warsaw Uprising

Israel Mimics Nazis Response To Warsaw Uprising as it is in the process of complete destruction of the Palestinian peoples in the Gaza Strip and West Bank for the attacks on Israel’s 60 year illegal occupation and confiscation of indigenous lands.

The 1944 Warsaw uprising was the single largest military effort undertaken by resistance forces to oppose German occupation during World War II. 3 In the end, German troops destroyed the majority of Warsaw during and immediately after the uprising. (1)

On Oct 7. 2023 Hamas resistance forces crossed into Israeli territory, facing no resistance as the Israel Occupation Forces were told to stand down, and wreaked havoc on a desert drug rave and a nearby kibbutz. This armed resistance to the Occupation Forces of Israel brought the world a rare look at what it was like for the Polish Jews occupied in Warsaw during World War II.

The Israeli government, aided by the USA, is intending to destroy Hamas. Hamas, is a political idea, it is not a person or persons. These are resistance fighters not terrorists. Some armed, some not. Ideas are Bullet PROOF!

Biden backs military destruction of Palestinian lands

The actions of the USA and Israel will bring decades of hatred and revenge from the world of Muslims as there are no Palestinians who have not lost mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters in a military onslaught so out of proportion it shakes the soul of the world. The USA, that is the Biden world, backs whatever war crimes Israel undertakes in the hopes that it achieves its’ goal, similar to the Nazi’s final solution. Destroy all Palestinians and take the land for the ever-growing Israeli population.

Biden bypasses US Congress to fund more war

Biden will bypass the US Congress to help destroy Palestinian lives as he sent another 10,000 artillery shells and other bombs to aid in the creation and continuation of this humanitarian crisis. Backed by our own senator Chuck Schumer, Biden and his ilk have even voted against a cease fire to halt the murders of 10’s of thousands of innocent civilians demanded by the vast majority of the world at the UN.

Why The US government vetoes calls for ceasefire

Like the Spanish Inquisition (or Catholic Inquisition) before it, the USA and the right wing government of Israel demand that Hamas, the idea of armed resistance to occupation, be branded a terrorist “group.” Hamas, is merely the armed resistance to occupation of Palestinian lands by Israel.

Israel for years has conducted raids within the territories of Palestine, murdering, destroying homes, killing young and old ,woman and children, taking away the same to hold without charges into prisons paid for by US debt. Are these “prisoners” any different that “hostages?” With daily incursions into Palestinian West Bank and Gaza killing men, woman and children are ok, but if these peoples dare to rise in resistance to these illegal and outrageous affronts to the peoples – they should be labeled terrorists.

Occupation forces have no right to self defense

Hitler claimed the Warsaw resistance fighters were terrorists too, and his response the same as Nutty Yahoo, destroy the city, leave nothing standing. Today, following the example Israel wants to destroy all resistance to its’ occupation. It has made it clear that all the lands claimed as “Palestinian” would be taken for the growing Israeli population. There will not be a two state solution, there will be a single authority in Israel and all lands will be turned into green kibbutz for young Jewish families to occupy.

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