Lloyd Austin Will Fight Russia With Ukrainian Blood

Lloyd Austin Will Fight Russia With Ukrainian Blood

Lloyd Austin Will Fight To Last Drop of Ukrainian Blood

Proxy war against Russia continues

Lloyd Austin, the wrong choice, has spilled the beans, the USA will fund and supply the Ukrainian war effort to weaken Russia for the ultimate US entry to apply the coup de grâce. A weakened Russia means the USA, by default, will be strengthened and hoping they can then keep their foot on the throats of all Russia and also a benefit that the EU will be further weakened and dependent on the USA for everything.

The Biden administrations goal was to stop the cheap gas and oil reaching the EU from Russia and in particular the Nordstream II while getting a strangle hold on the EU by selling it very expensive “Freedom Molecules,” or liquefied gas (LNG) from the US fracking fields. The policy has been incredibly productive for the US as most western nations were ordered to impose incredibly strict sanctions on Russia that would cripple the EU economy while the USA barely feels the pinch.

EU Ready To Sacrifice For Corrupt Nations

What is utterly amazing is how the cows ruling the EU and its subordinate nation states were so willing to shoot themselves in the foot. Even more hilarious is how they make an excuse not to buy from the democratic nation of Russia, claiming it is a dictatorship, while going to Saudi Arabia and other Arab states begging for a piece of their gas and oil. Saudi Arabia is not democratic, it is beyond a dictatorship, it is despotic royal families who are lost in a time warp holding onto their grip on power by murdering their own people and using western weapons to destroy anyone who will not bow to them, for example Yemen. How in the world is that better than Russia, who have elections and a constitution?

Follow the USA or get SANCTIONS!

Well, they all had seen what the USA did to France when they would not join in the destruction and change of regime in Iraq. For that transgression France was sanctioned and even today pays that price for not joining in the murder of a half million Iraqi civilians and 200,000 of its military. This was the same pressure exerted on any nation that did not follow the USA in condemning the Russians and not placing sanctions on them. That pressure is still there today and China, India, and many South American nations have not joined the US in its’ proxy war against Russia.

EU Ready To Pay For USA Proxy War

But there you go, and the EU leaders fine with prices doubling while supplies dwindle. All that to help one of the most corrupt nations in the world Ukraine. How do we call Ukraine a partner in anything? They are massively corrupt.

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