NYC Mad About Ukrainian War Funding

NYC Mad About Ukrainian War Funding

NYC Mad About Ukrainian War Funding

A recent town hall saw angry constituents screaming at AOC, NYC government rep in DC, about two issues. The influx of illegal migrants being shipped into the city. The city has welcomed them in hotels and school gymnasiums giving them food, housing, phones, and money to spend.

The biggest uproar came as the people finally had their word: STOP THE WAR FUNDING! You will not find anyone, other than the Ukrainian migrants, who want to fund war, specially the war in Ukraine. Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe, there is no reason to back their lies and corruptions.

Town Hall With AOC

As the city fills with jobless migrants, people are yanked from their homes, poverty, starving, the education systems, all crumbling under the crush. But here you see that people do not care about the idiotic war in Ukraine, they do not want to fund the war.

Our government has brought the world to its’ closest threat of total war since WWII. Our government has devalued the dollar through inflating the quantity of debt growing exponentially. There is no case where war has not eaten up more than 2/3 of this debt. Time to change, time to take care of the USA. The PEOPLE do not agree with the government and its’ actions. The government does not have enough fear of the people.

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