Global Liar Who Led Us To War Backs Biden

Global Liar Who Led Us To War Backs Biden

Colin Powell Backs Warmonger Biden

Colin Powell, who shamelessly stood before the world swearing a bottle of saccharine was a weapon of mass destruction and swore he had irrefutable evidence of WMD in Iraq, led the world to the disaster that even today is burning the Middle East.

But, while since his shameful performance at the UN he has spent his life trying to find ways where he was just doing his job, he now wants the world, or at least US citizens, to trust his choice again and vote Biden.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the DNC ran someone you could vote for?

While I wish the DNC would provide a real potential rival to defeat Trump, Biden is not the way. You can take advice from an 80 year old man, but you cant trust him to lead at the top. That is ignoring all the other racist and war mongering accomplishments Biden has under his belt.

As more and more force is applied to the DNC to back Biden in the hopes that he would choose a black woman as his VP choice it is all but clear that the DNC has understood Biden would not be around for long and they want one of their hand chosen Oreo’s to take over.

Vote Biden For All The Wrong Reasons

Electing a man to president, leader of our nation, soley on a vote AGAINST someone else is idiotic at best. But electing a man who is just as questionable as the man holding the office now is incorrigible and an error in every way. We need someone outside that box of idiots who have all done the nation harm in the last decades. We hoped Trump would drain that swamp, but he has only allowed the swamp in and with the likes of Pompeo, has let them control his actions too much.

We need the strength that Trump offers, so we need something from the DNC if they really want to win.

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