International Criminal Court Plays The Clown With Zelensky

International Criminal Court Plays The Clown With Zelensky

International Criminal Court Plays The Clown With Zelensky

It wasn’t enough that the US and Israel stopped any investigations into their war crimes with threats, now the ICC wants to clown around with Zelensky and piss with him onto Putin and Russia.

The fact that Zelensky is a clown comedian is nothing new and during his nightly rant show on the 9 year anniversary of his war against Russian speaking Ukraine’s and 1 year directly against Russia as a nation he hinted about Russia “stealing Ukrainian children.” Now he found a foil in the ICC who says, oh that’s criminal – WAR CRIME TIME!

So the two clowns got together and formed a theme to brand the removal of children from war zones as kidnapping. So when Russia found an orphanage filled with children and removed them from the war zone that constituted a war crime? Oh well, one mans tree is another ones dog. But this is the brunt of this joke of an arrest warrant.

ICC Powerful to small nations

Now you have to understand that the ICC is only overseer to its’ signed members. These do not include the USA nor Russia, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, etc who are not signed to their jurisdiction and make no bones about it. The USA has many laws related to the ICC. Most are so that the USA never can be held to the ICC investigations and funding can not be direct. But most agree over 70 percent of its funding comes from the USA.

Even further is the definition of the ICC and its’ remit:

The ICC was conceived as a body to try war crimes when states do not have effective or reliable processes to investigate for themselves. The United States says that it has investigated many of the accusations alleged by the ICC prosecutors as having occurred in Afghanistan, and thus does not accept ICC jurisdiction over its nationals (1)

The funniest thing about US law is it states that we can help the ICC as long as it is/was Saddam, Milosovic, Bin Laden, Al queda leaders, etc. But in no case are they allowed to investigate or talk to anyone within the US jurisdiction at home or abroad.

The most prominent set of restrictions was contained in the American Servicemembers’ Protection Act (ASPA), which among other things restricted the provision of “support” to the ICC, military assistance to Rome Statute parties that refused to conclude “Article 98” agreements with the United States (“non-surrender” agreements). Note these were done with harsh arm twisting, bribery, and coercion.

The biggest comedy is the new Zelensky ICC bond is all about comic relief. The ICC really only hears cases from tiny nations for the various nefarious abuse of their leaders or administrations. It took a lot of US and UK pressure to bring this on and it, like Putin said, means nothing. But is the big marker that Zelensky likes to try on. Ever the comic.

Every Russian Separatist is Ukrainian

Each of them has endured 9 years of bombing from Kiev.

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