Zelenskyy Goes Begging To US Congress For More War

Zelenskyy Goes Begging To US Congress For More War

Zelenskyy Goes Begging To US Congress For More War

Voldomeyer Zelenskyy will, in the next hours, arrive in Washington D.C. With the intent to cheerleader US lawmakers into giving his war machine more weapons, his people more money to eat, stay warm, and charge their phones, payroll for all government agencies, and more intelligence support from the CIA, NSA, and US military.

Zelenskyy Will Not Talk Peace

There will be no talk of peace, no talk of sitting down to discuss anything. It will be a “we are fighting for you so give us what you dont give your own citizens.”

Zelenskyy Relentless Begging

In the year our government has dolled out over $60 billion in various aid to Ukraine with the sole objective to weaken Russia. Zelensky for his part has pushed his people to either leave the country or fight Russia for the NATO regime. He instituted a draft of all males 16 to 60 to fight and they are still not allowed to leave the nation. Zelensky will not allow anyone to know how many Ukrainians have died in this war to weaken the Russians, but he knows he is doing it for NATO and the USA. He wants in with them at any cost to his people.

Biden virtue signalling out of control

Who provoked the war

Zelenskyy provoked the war! Rather than sit and talk peace, implement the Minsk accords, or do anything to work and play well with neighbors he got the okay from Washington to do what he wants and they would fund him forever.

Forever is a long time and while Biden makes virtue signaling speeches our citizens are dying, starving in the streets, homeless, without heat, electricity or free internet like what is provided to Ukrainians.

World forgot Ukraine corruptions

Look, Ukraine was broke, it has been broke, it is the most corrupt country in Europe and matches Russia in that corruption. Since the war started every media outlet and government has changed their story to fit the goal of destroying Russia. Taking on a countries liabilities, support of citizens, and funding a war should not happen.

Congress should never allow a warmonger to sway them

If Congress can’t get off its fat pork bellies and start the peace processes it should not fund more war, more death, more destabilization of the world. Drive this comic nightmare back into his cave and let him simmer in his own rhetoric and feed that to his people instead of driving them to a meat grinder and more war.

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