Zelensky Gives Road Apples To Congress For US Freebies

Zelensky Gives Road Apples To Congress For US Freebies

Zelensky Passes Road Apples To Congress For US Freebies

Well, yes, Zelenskyy was warmly welcomed by Mr. Biden and the whole ruling cartel in Congress. Another couple billion dollars added on the debt of our nation to continue the flow of blood and guts far from our shores.

Noted are the US border Czar, Kamala Harris and the once powerful Nancy Pelosi, now just aged congress person from San Francisco, receiving a foreign national flag, with a smile, while millions of migrants are gathering to invade our nation from Mexico and our own citizens living in poverty, strife and out of control inflation. But this is about Zelenskyy and Ukraine not about the plight of our people.

Zelenskyy made a point that the ground in Ukraine is “soaked in blood” and pounded by artillery daily. Zelenskyy said he is fighting for the western world, its’ ideals, and all kinds of semantics usually used for war. What he did not want? Peace.

Our Representatives Working For Other Nations

If there ever was a fine example of disconnect you saw it as these elected authorities showed they have no knowledge or idea of what they have been sucked into. There is nothing that was said or done in Congress that showed officials working for the American peoples. They did nothing about the homelessness in all major cities. They did nothing about the horrid costs of living facing everyone. They did nothing about the MILLIONS of people gathering at our southern border. They did absolutely nothing to find a way to peace.

Money is no problem, FREE to other nations, Not to Americans!

The fine elected officials representing their various States and peoples decided that another $2 billion or more can be donated to the cause of hoping to destroy the Russian war machine. The total from the USA now stands at $75 Billion (about 230 bucks foisted on every man, woman, and child in the USA). Not in loans, gifts! Freebies! Then the EU is at $80 billion! The UK at 24 billion. Ukraine is soaked in money! With no oversight! They are actually selling arms to other nations on the black market!

Keep feeding the war machine – forget the people

But hey, Zelenskyy did fly to the USA on a giant US military plane at great cost after being smuggled to Poland for that flight. Attended all the time by more guards than even our own president, Mr. Biden. Zelenskyy came begging for more arms to kill more Russians and let more Ukrainians die, soaking his nation in blood. No peace, just more blood. And our elected representatives loved it and gave him everything he wanted. Like some bad fairy tale.

Watch the world view

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