Ukrainians Ask Why – Mass Media Hides History and Facts

Ukrainians Ask Why – Mass Media Hides History and Facts

Ukrainians Ask Why – Mass Media Hides History and Facts

Russia Demands Removal of Nukes and Arms from Its Border

When the USA and NATO refused to respond to Russia’s demand for them to pull back troops from Russia’s border and stop putting nukes in the likes of Poland, Romania, and other nations on its’ borders the USA supposedly sent a response but demanded it never be made public. The reality is they ignored all that and said NATO would do whatever it wanted, as if NATO were a nation state instead of an organization dependent on US firepower. In fact the NATO leader said, “If you want less NATO you will get MORE NATO!” that is not very peaceful nor does it take anything like peace into consideration.

NATO, USA, UK Flood Ukraine With Weapons

Then the USA and all its “allies” flooded the Ukraine with arms, missiles, tanks, anti-tank rockets, all the armaments of war, all the while Russia wants to secure its borders and make those nations holding arms against its’ borders to be disarmed. You have to ask why these countries are not non-aligned and like the Swiss, neutral so they can function without the need of the USA or Russia. But all that is moot as the USA has one thing in mind – ending Nord Stream II and selling its fracked gas at 4 times the price to the EU nations.

Ukraine Comedian Set Up As Fall Guy For West

So the UK, EU and US decided it was a great moment to trap the Ukraine into being the fall guy so they could end the Nord Stream II. Pumping up the weak Zelinsky was really not a problem. He already said he could not abide by the Minsk agreement (something that is forbidden for western press to mention) or he would face riots in the streets led by their beloved Azov battalion.

Successive Ukrainian governments ignored these civil warriors as they murdered Ukrainians in the east for years, he did nothing except to allow continued killing of his own people with daily bombing in the Donbas and eastern Ukraine. This is the genocide Putin was talking about. But this uncomfortable truth is ignored to get that gas pipeline cut and destroy the Russian economy. Viva Freedom Molecules.

Final Straws Drawn

On February 23, 2022 Ukrainian president Zelensky stated that Ukraine would procure nuclear weapons.

On Feb 24, 2022 Putin made the decision that this reckless behavior could not be tolerated on Russia’s border.

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