Wings For Freedom Destroy Democracies Economy

Wings For Freedom Destroy Democracies Economy

As the governments in the EU, UK and USA pour 100’s of BILLIONS into the corruptions in the Ukraine they turn their backs on the own specially in Health Care.

UK Hands 50 Billion to Ukraine 0 To Health Care Workers

The UK is in the midst of a financial crisis as its citizens can no longer afford heat, food, or health care. 100,000’s of citizens are on strike and marching in protest as the government will not even match the inflation caused by their support of the most corrupt government in Europe. Billions to war and heating, feeding, and health care for Ukraine while 0 for UK citizens paying huge prices for heat and food. Topping it all off those who saw the nation through the pandemic were cheered back then and ignored now. 10’s of billions for Ukraine nothing for UK citizens. Something is not balanced here.

What about the rest of Europe

In Spain it is the same story. The health care workers are having staff cut, pay cut, and hours extended while the government tries to find more loans to send “aid” to Ukraine. Citizens once again locked out of their own governments help.

France is even worse as the government wants to take away pensions, extend work years, and also gives no relief to the rampant costs of living including health care. Millions have marched, but aid pours out to Ukraine as locals go loco.

But the goal of all of the EU nations and the UK is to back the USA in the effort to destroy, or at least seriously damage the Russian state. For this goal no pain of their own citizens or economy is too much as they somehow back the most corrupt nation in Europe. Only the mass media knows how the Ukraine moved from being the most corrupt nation where all business was warned not to operate there into the close ally worthy of collapsing all their economies, business, health, and well being. Ukraine needs over all EU citizens.

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