Time For USA To Pay For Blowing Up Nordstream Pipelines

Time For USA To Pay For Blowing Up Nordstream Pipelines

Time For USA To Pay For Blowing Up Nordstream Pipelines

To assure German and Europe support for USA war against Russia the USA had to destroy the Nordstream pipelines. To assure USA ability to control the economies of Europe the push to sell USA Freedom Gas to Europe at only 5 times the price Russia was charging.

Norway provides cover and help

Norway has provided help to cover up the US actions in destroying European infrastructure. A terrorist attack on the European owned pipeline without any Congressional vote or oversight flaunts the word “democracy” to the detriment of all who think they live under it.


Of course the act of war against Europe is swept under the carpet even though very important

Here is a video I found today that lays out a lot about the Nord Stream and other news from around the world. It has the videos and evidence that our expose about Biden’s no bluff was correct.

Watching German Leopard Tanks rolling through towards Russia used to be only in old films but now we get to see it happening all over again. Both Germany and Japan have in their constitution that they would never arm again, yet here we see it happening as both are expanding their military might. Of course in the USA that means jobs building the weapons and armaments to sell to them. The arms sent to Ukraine? Those are gifts, freebies for blood.

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