Ukraine Ready To Celebrate Birth Of Ukraine Nazism

Ukraine Ready To Celebrate Birth Of Ukraine Nazism

Ukraine Ready To Celebrate Birth of Ukraine Nazi Bandera

While western nations celebrate the New Year in Ukraine they celebrate their Nazi roots.

In 2014, right after the coup in Kiev, the new authorities in Ukraine declared Stepan Bandera and other Ukrainian collaborators of Nazi Germany as Ukrainian heroes. Mayor of Odessa then also publicly announced that Hitler, in his opinion, was a hero. They even named a street in Kiev after Stepan Bandera, who served in German Nazi Army in WW2 and coordinated Ukrainian nationalists who executed Jewish, Russian, Belarussian and Polish civilians. That Stepan Bandera street in today’s Kiev is adjacent to the place where Ukrainian Nazis were executing Jews during WW2.

Flash to the present day Ukraine territory

But the current Ukrainian regime is not limited to Western Ukraine anymore. It is all-Ukrainian. Since 2014, red and black flag of Ukrainian nationalists, who collaborated with Nazis in WW2 and killed 2 million civilians in the Soviet Union and Poland, has been flown everywhere in Ukraine and Ukrainian military use it as well. Stepan Bandera and Sukhevych birthdays are wildly celebrated all throughout the Ukraine every year. There are many videos showing how in major cities of “Ukraine” people join rallies and chant, “Ukraine is our mother, Stepan Bandera is our father.”

How did Ukraine come into existence

Before World War II the territory of today’s Ukraine was a territory of Poland, the Soviet Union, Romania and Czechoslovakia and only came into existence as these nations allowed part of their nations to form it.
Did you know this?x

Prior to 1939 invasion of Poland, German military intelligence recruited Bandera’s organization members into Bergbauernhilfe unit, they also smuggled Ukrainian nationalists into Poland in order to erode Polish defenses by conducting a terror campaign directed at Polish farmers and Jews.

OUN leaders Andriy Melnyk (code name Consul I) and Bandera (code name Consul II) both served as agents of the Nazi Germany military intelligence Abwehr Second Department. Their goal was to run diversion activities after Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union. This information is part of the testimony that Abwehr Colonel Erwin Stolze gave on 25 December 1945 and submitted to the Nuremberg trials, with a request to be admitted as evidence for trials that were never to happen.

These are not, nor ever were, allies of the western nations.

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