NATO Meets In Spain To Discuss Ukraine Not Syrian Bombing

NATO Meets In Spain To Discuss Ukraine Not Syrian Bombing

NATO Meets In Spain To Discuss Ukraine Not Syrian Bombing

Yesterday the NATO member USA bombed Syria again shortly after their Jewish partners did the same last week.

USA Oil Scam

The USA has been stealing $45 million dollars a month from Syrian oil fields for over 4 years now. These assets are split up between US government elites and their black operations. US citizens pay for the transport and military running the show but none of the money ever comes back to citizens from the illegal operation. The whole war against Syria was an Obama war which gained him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Money to NATO Friends and Black Ops

The operation and funds go to Delta Crescent Energy LLC, incorporated in Delaware in February 2019, when the NATO nations invaded Syria to take the fields. The partners include former U.S. ambassador to Denmark James Cain; James Reese, a former officer in the Army’s elite Delta Force; and John P. Dorrier Jr., a former executive at GulfSands Petroleum the only one with oil experience.

Former Army Delta Force officer and US ambassador sign secretive contract to develop Syrian oil fields in 2019, as soon as the USA and NATO partners took control of the eastern part of Syria. Taking full control and exporting the oil without any reporting to the GSA, IRS, or anyone except for dark ops.

NATO will also not be discussing the handover of Syrian territory, specifically the Syrian Golan Heights, to Israel because it shows how NATO will ignore its own members atrocities while focusing on Russian aggression. How else do you keep the funding for US and NATO terror operations?

The trillions of dollars already stolen have never been accounted for and making friends of NATO and USA rich while stealing from the Syrian people and at the same time bombing and killing them. Nothing says good defense like bombing and stealing assets in the name of stopping terrorism.

NATO to ignore own issues focus on Ukraine

What the members of NATO will discuss are claims that Russia should never sell its’ own oil to the world, and their gas should stay in the ground. What wont be happening is a wind down of thefts from Syria or giving back their sovereign territory.

The take away is it is OK for the USA and its NATO flunkies to bomb, steal, kill, give away other nations territory but not for Russia. This kind of action is reserved for those who write the “Rule of Law.”


Oil thefts

Secret Deal For Stolen Syrian Oil

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