They’re Back and They Are Bad – Election Interference

They’re Back and They Are Bad – Election Interference

I warned you in 2013

Meeting of the spies!

Social Media Election Engineering
Social Media Election Engineering

This photo captured the President, along with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Eric Schmidt (Google),Carol Bartz (Yahoo), John Chambers (Cisco Systems), Dick Costolo (Twitter), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Steve Westly (Westly Group), Art Levinson (Genentech) toasting the Prisim deal in February of 2011.

Obama had pushed spying, fraud, hiding the truth, squandering the wealth to the pinnacle of nastiness. He had systematically squandered the future of the USA by mortgaging the nation to the hilt. While the plan is to go to war with the major holders of our debt (Russia and China) the willy nilly printing of dollars is diluting the citizens of their ability to live.

These same people and companies have used their power and reach to foist a new kind of reality on the public. One that slipped right by governments as they worked hand in hand to suppress news that would have the approved agenda jeopardized.  The ultimate goal since the beginning has been to overturn the 2016 election.

A day has not passed where the mass media, digital platforms, and the DNC has not worked up the nation into following down a rabbit hole ripe with frauds. From the beginning with the Russians did it all. Americans stupid – Russians great, their hackers laughing at us? I do not think so. But, that is what CNN and the tripe are pushing. Keeping Trump busy with strawman garbage, tax returns, Putin, China, deporting illegals, impeachment, constantly framing the man in the worst possible way – truly we have been manipulated.

But when you stop and realize this last election saw these digital monsters censor at the root everything that might have caused Biden to loose. Biden was losing the nomination, Kamela was already out – everyone hated her, then, money started pouring in and wam, we get Biden! The worst one of that pack. What they want is his quick departure so a black, India, woman becomes president. One who wrote the laws that put 10,000’s blacks in jail from California. Ahh, this is it.

The Democrats working to heal the nation by beheading the opposition. But wait! No, they want more! They want all Republicans to resign except those that swear fealty to Nancy Pelosi.

Trump is right. Many Americans will get mad at all this.

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