VP Pense No 25th Amendment

VP Pense No 25th Amendment

VP Pense do not listen to those who would divide

11,780 votes changed the course of our history.

Divided States of America

When 11,780 votes decides which set of idiots rules our nation, and the divide seems to be 74 million people vs 71 million people, we are in deep trouble when the winners want to hang the losers.

As the nation watched with incredulity Jan 6 when some groups in the protest broke off to enter the peoples building, CNN and Democrats were ready. The Democrat mayor of DC had already called for a stand down of the police, the FBI and others in the intelligence community knew some of the group were calling to enter the buildings and disrupt the count, and they all sat back, did nothing, and the plan worked like a charm!

They now could make sure Trump would not run for a second term, that they could drive the last stake into his heart and soul. They stood tall to try and bring down everyone who ever knew him or worked for him. In a wild and desperate attempt to heal the nations the Democrat party wants all heads to roll. The President, Senators, Representatives, they want to empty the government of all who differ from them.

CNN is repeating “insurrection” hoping it becomes truth

Trump has had 4 years of relentless fake news heaped on fake news. From Russiagate to now blaming him for something the FBI should have stopped before it started. Trump has had to fight lies about Putins woman urinating on him, fake dossiers cooked up and funded by the DNC, blaming exposed corruption of the Clinton’s on him personally, and recently every nation in the world paying ISIS to kill Americans. He had to spend time on this garbage AND the first impeachment while also being hounded for tax returns, blood donations, and his scalp. That topped off by a relentless poison spread on his particular handling of the Corona virus.

The “Hallowed Halls” were not breached!

The “People” entered it. They were allowed to come in. There were no real guards, it was either a set up, or its’ the PEOPLES HALLOWED HALLS and they should be free to enter it. In fact the Constitution allows for all of this. The People are allowed to rise and change the government if they want.

CNN Joins Twitter, Google, Youtube, and Facebook and Wassapp

These fake news outlets have joined together to make sure they can use the term “everyone,” “everybody.” The world in fact take what they are promoting as what EVERYONE thinks. Not true at all. In fact I will bet 72,000,000 US voters do not think that. Maybe 74,000,000 do? How about 18,780 people make the difference and do not think “everybody” thinks what CNN thinks.

How did they become “everyone?” Well, they banned, removed, cut off, any and all social media accounts, search results, and deleted them all. Apple and Google have gone so far as to remove Parlar, a competing social media site, from their apps and Amazon has closed their domain hosting account. Now there is one voice. One voice represents ALL and EVERYONE, that is CNN, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Wassap. I guess that is the DNC’s way of healing the divide.

May they reap what they sow.

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