Obama Admits Massive Spying On World

Obama Admits Massive Spying On World

Meeting of the spies! This photo captured the President, along with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Eric Schmidt (Google),Carol Bartz (Yahoo), John Chambers (Cisco Systems), Dick Costolo (Twitter), Reed Hastings (Netflix), Steve Westly (Westly Group), Art Levinson (Genentech) toasting the Prisim deal in February of 2011.

Obama has pushed spying, fraud, hiding the truth, squandering the wealth to the pinnacle of nastiness. He has systematically squandered the future of the USA by mortgaging the nation to the hilt. While the plan is to go to war with the major holders of our debt the willy nilly printing of dollars is diluting the citizens of their ability to live.

Do you think things are getting expensive? It is the same thing, but now costs double or triple? Well, look at reality, it does not really cost more, it takes more garbage paper to pay for it. The dollar is getting worth less – and soon it will be worthless.

So in the meantime the government has taken billions of billions to make computer systems that will track your every move, word, post, motion, shoe size, who you buy your pot from, everything. They do it with the cooperation

Obama And Bloomberg Agree – Americans Do Not Need Rights

Mayor Bloomberg has long been a proponent of cutting off the rights of citizens and even has turned over votes to bring his individual idea of “democracy” to the nation. Recently he stated that America has to rethink its ideas about privacy and freedom in light of the recent Boston Bombing. Well, Obama has weighed in on the matter and taken the idea further.

After the astounding job the NSA did in uncovering the bombing attempt in Boston we all should agree that the money spent on spying has not done anything so far. But Bloomberg and Obama agree, Americans must learn to give up privacy and freedom so that government can protect them. While these same words ring from governments throughout history never were they viable in reality and they were used to subjugate the ignorant.

Now Internet giants like Google, Facebook, and the rest are all over the media buying advertising time to cut their losses and lie more about their involvement in passing your data to government agents. It would be bad enough if that was all, but as the release of this data came from an independent contractor with an independent outside contractor it shows government is the least trustworthy holder of data.

Are you happy your phone has been tapped for years? Do you feel at ease that the government knows every place you have been and how you got there for years? Are you happy that you can be arrested and killed on a presidential order – basically a mob hit? Our country has changed and it is not for the good.

Get involved and change this mess!