Behind the Curtain – Pompeo Burns the Fields of Diplomacy

Behind the Curtain – Pompeo Burns the Fields of Diplomacy

Mike Pompeo Crushing Iran for Israel

While the Trump insurrection show is front stage behind the scenes Mr Lie, Cheat and Steal Mike Pompeo has been busy working for Israel. His latest attempts are flying around the Middle East bribing other nations to “make peace” with Israel in exchange for arms, more arms, and money. No despotic dictatorship was over looked and made offers in exchange with just talking to Isreal.

Today Mike the trained liar claims Iran is the new home of ISIS.

This is the man whose CIA training gave him the ability to motivate people to do things they would never think of themselves. Trained to lie, to cheat, to do whatever it takes to gain power. A true thug whose advise was part of the swamps overtaking the office of the President.

Trump had little chance once he started listening to the swamp rats. They pressured him into bringing advisors with “qualifications,” who had been there already. Like Pompeo, Bolton, Elliot Abrams,  all known liars, cheats, convicted Abrams, admitted by Pompeo and Bolton? Well he was involved in the Contra affairs too.

These are the idiots, not Trump. Trump was going to do good but the real party donors, the real power, they have wanted Trump out since day one. Everything I hear from the talking heads on CNN is the exact same thing they have repeated for 4 years, as if it was news, or reporting. It is nothing but garbage.

Because of them we are left with an old cripple and a woman who cant keep the glee from her eyes. The old cripple Biden was down and out in the early nomination, and Kamela had already quit, no one liked her. All of a sudden Biden over takes Bernie again… same story again.

The Democrats failed us, the Republicans failed us, the media failed us and the social media made Russian election interference look like children with crayons.

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