Obama Wants War With Syria At Any Cost

Oblivious to anyone else in the world and, once again, without any proof, Obama wants to start a war with Syria over the latest poison gas attack.

With US backed Al-Qaeda rebels’ losing the ground war Obama has had the Saudis send in poison gas to create the means necessary for a US bombing campaign. Without the professional liars like Colin Powell available to give credence to fake intelligence, and now the British Parliament will not allow their prime minister to go off and join in this bombing of another Arab nation.

Obama claims he will not repeat the mistakes of Iraq or Libya and will not wait for any UN sanctions or permission. As the voice of all Americans Obama will go it alone and do what every American wants – protect the Al-Qaeda rebels and cripple Syria so they can bring the chaos we all so desire in the Arab world.

We can only bless our stars that change has come and Obama will lead us into something totally new with new lies, new excuses and higher oil prices while crippling the dollar. Sure, a few people will not like us anymore for breaking all International laws, but when has that really stopped an American President from bombing nations far from our borders. Even more respect to Obama for siding with Saudi Arabia whom sent 16 of their citizens to fly into our World Trade Center and Pentagon.