Lloyd Austin – The Wrong Choice

Lloyd Austin – The Wrong Choice

Lloyd Austin – The Wrong Choice

Lloyd Austin – Blind As A Bat and Twice Stupid

Now leading the military offensive against Russia, or as they want to be seen, defending freedom in the most corrupt European nation – Ukraine – against what they want to call the “despotic democracy” Russia. Today he and his cohort Blinken are heading to Ukraine as representatives of the USA and NATO to meet with the comedian turned president of that country Zelinski. It is so rare to see the USA send top military representatives into a country at war with another, much less the Ukraine. Entering the middle of a war zone is like NATO asking for, no DARING, Russia to respond. If anything happens to these clowns the world will go to war and somehow mass media is cheering and spreading the lies.

What really stands out is the UK, USA, EU have only one response in this situation, more arms, more war, more antagonizing, and not one, NOT ONE, of these cripples have spent the same amount of time or money to try and bring peace. Nothing! Just more arms. Even Spain and Germany are crawling out to deliver arms and munitions as if the only way to peace is destruction. Taking a step further the US is browbeating countries like India, China and many south American nations to join in condemning Russia or face sanctions for not standing with the Biden’s war on Russia. It is not just a shame, it is absolutely horrid.

Mass Media Globally Corrupt

Worse still is the amazing mass media who are so embedded in this crime that they are cheer-leading the war from in front. The US, UK, and EU within 24 hours of Russia’s offensive cut off, destroyed, and closed ever news outlet that was even close to reporting anything that would compromise the Western narrative and control the information to its’ people. Gone are the RT, the Tass, closed, shut off, cut off even from the Astra satellites! No way to get any news other than that approved by the USA, UK or EU. This myopic view is so apparent in the reporting of every news outlet, not just CNN. They are all promoting the corporate narrative and do nothing to actually become journalists. The search for truth ends with the trained liars from the CIA, FBI, and US approved government talking heads and press releases. As spokesmen for the Pentagon, John Kirby once commented laughingly, just how transparent things are with the US government. These agents are trained to lie and cheat and brag about it.

Lloyd Austin Unable To Learn From Mistakes

Lloyd Austin stupidity keeps costing us. Here he AGAIN fails. How in the world after he understood how the Arab mind works and their loyalty to their brothers in Iraq could he actually think that Afghans, that is the military that was funded, trained and armed by the US for 20 years would not turn to their brothers and join them? That is what reality is and even after experience that with training Iraq/Syrian radicals immediately wasted those efforts by handing everything over to Islamist’s?

The head of the Pentagon did not expect the Afghan government to fall in 11 days


Austin admits he understands that he trained 500 Islamist’s to fight the Syrian government and only “maybe” 4 or 5 are actually doing that. The rest of them have gone to the dark side, exchanged their weapons for money or gave them to the terrorists as they actually joined their forces.

ABC News Reports on Austin

Fox News Reports on Austin

Ha Aretz reports on Austin

Even Rachel Left Wing Maddow reports it

So, even after knowing that a Muslim, an Arab, is family to others in their tribe, that no matter what you say or do they will not kill each other – they want to kill you! They understand, and have seen, how the USA works, their playbook so to speak. They have seen what they did to the Allies like Iraq – who was good for war when it was waged against Iran – they even supplied the poison gas expertise used by Saddam against Iran , but once that was over, it was all over for him.  Then some years later to exclaim what a surprise it was that as the US ran out with tail between their legs that the Afghans instantly blended into their nation, gave the arms to their fellow people, and this was a surprise they could never see? What the government is depending on is short memory span. That you will all forget. Forget 20 years $3 TRILLION and thousands of US lives lost and you will just let this idiot lead the military.

Stupidity gets rewarded

The important part is the President of the USA, good ole Joe, after learning what a failure Austin was, promotes him! He wasted 500 million to learn a lesson, forgot the lesson and could not see the writing on the wall with Afghanistan. So now we have an idiot in charge of the military traveling into a war zone against Russia. His goal is not peace – it is war and the UK and EU are right there behind (not with or in front) him. With the team of Winken, Blinken, and Nod on the job you can expect more war, more death, and more friction with major powers. Do not expect peace, that is not in their job descriptions. Rest assured, according to CNN there are no Nazi’s in Ukraine.

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