CNN Erin Burnett Idiot of the Month

CNN Erin Burnett Idiot of the Month

CNN Erin Burnett Idiot of the Month

CNN, the crisis news network is pumping out more war garbage daily.

This one idiot, Erin Burnett, a feature idiot on CNN has to be one of the biggest idiot on their staff.

Take this example:

The other day Putin delivered an 8 page letter to Zelinski outlining the issues and solutions. Russia is being very careful to lay these out in writing so there is no misinformation and hopefully no mistranslated garbage. What do we get from Erin Burnett? She merely mentions the letter being 8 pages stating “who knows what” is in it. WTF? This is from a top CNN journalist? She has a whole panel of talking heads to buttress her position, that Putin is bad, Russia is bad, there are no Nazi’s in Ukraine, and Biden is not brain dead. Not one of the talking heads discussing the letter had ever even read the letter. In reality, that letter has not been published anywhere. In fact, nothing is allowed to come from Russia into Western Media, and the only balanced news we can get – well, there is no where to find that.

To top off her claim for Tippie Top Idiot At CNN she rants on how she knows what Putin thinks, knows the military plans, and states “Putin thought it would only take days” to take Ukraine. While she is in step with her idiot colleagues of ill-repute and uneducated, she spouts her “wisdom” as if it were fact. The only fact being her idiocy.

Perhaps Burnett has problems with thinking because of the vast amounts of hair dye she applies to her head? Perhaps it is because “being a mother” gives her extrasensory abilities to read minds and comment without fact? Perhaps she is more concerned with covering her grey hair than taking time to be a journalist? No one except her knows for sure. What we can be sure of is that CNN will continue to foist fake news for ratings. In fact they do not just ignore the long history of Nazism in the Ukraine they claim there are none there.

Probably the only positive with this war reporting is that they don’t talk about the virus starting to rear its ugly face again. No longer are CNN under threat from not reporting the Biden scandal, not the contents of the computer nor the sexual affronts on a brothers wife after the brother died, and certainly not anything about the dealing with their favorite medicine, cocaine.

It should be pointed out that this idiot is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, who has led our nation into more wars than any other war council.

Nope, CNN goes on reporting fake news. Where no news from the other side appears one sided baloney thinks it has the day.

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