EU Continues Attack on Russia and Putin

EU Continues Attack on Russia and Putin

EU Continues Attack on Russia and Putin

The Eu continues to attack Russia and Putin with political and economic warfare. As the EU works feverishly to punish Russia for taking its security issues into a full on war with Ukraine fake news continues to ignore the reasons why Russia’s foolish demands at security were ignored.

Putin the fool?

The question is why is Putin still giving its’ precious gas and oil away to the EU and UK for free? While the EU and UK still sort of “pay” for the gas and oil they really are paying nothing. All the money for the delivery of Russian gas is instantly held by the US banking system because of US and EU “sanctions.”

The money now held in the various sovereign banks is not really sovereign at all. The US holds the keys and now the EU wants to confiscate that money to give it away to the corrupt government of Ukraine. So the question is: Why hasn’t Russia stopped giving its assets away and stop the gas flow to those nations who have mounted sanctions to destroy Russia?

EU Continues To Steal and Putin Does Nothing

Usually an enemy that is stealing all your goods, attacking you with political sanctions and trying to hurt you is met with the same kind of aggression. Here you have the EU actually telling Russia it wants to steal as much gas as it can, fill up all its reservoirs for the coming winter, put an embargo on any sale of oil, attack anyone buying Russian oil, gas, or gold, enforce a price cap on only Russian oil while leaving NATO nations free to reap market prices and still, Russia has not cut off the tap. What is wrong with Putin?

EU Aims To Destroy Russia

The EU is politicizing all of Russian assets, freezing what they have in the US controlled central banks, trying to destroy the Russian economy. Putin seems frozen by contracts that the EU and US break as easily as they do breaking bread at diner. The funny thing is with all this political pressure and attack on Russian economy the rulers of the EU want to warn Putin that cutting the oil before they are ready to cut it themselves means Putin is bad.

No my friend, the reality is the EU is only doing the US bidding to their own demise. What kind of idiots think they can tell you they are going to cut your throat as soon as they drain all the blood they can and expect no reaction?

EU Ready To Die For Ukraine

Besides all this the USA has really damaged two birds with one stone. As the US sits fairly stable, its’ currency soaring, the EU is the front line, losing 20 percent value of its’ currency and soon to find itself in triple digit inflation. This brings the Ursula von der Leyen troops beyond shooting themselves in the foot to complete fools and vassals under US hegemony. The EU has announced its plan: Fill their gas tanks for coming winter before Putin wakes up to the fact that the EU has declared war on his nation and only taking the gas until they can find someone else dumb enough to supply the faux democracies.

For its’ part, Ukraine still thinks standing neutral was a bad choice and wants to give its’ sovereignty to the EU. They even suggested to go and acquire atomic weapons! Joining the EU means giving up that sovereignty and allowing UN-demorcaticly elected all powerful “commission” to determine your “rule of law.” It was the reason the UK exited, realizing soon the old Soviet eastern block would rule them.

Enjoy your demise.

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