Criminal King Juan Carlos Returns To Spain But Keeps Money

Criminal King Juan Carlos Returns To Spain But Keeps Money

Criminal King Juan Carlos Returns To Spain But Keeps Money

Royal family of Spain welcomes the criminal x-King Juan Carlos to Spain. After fleeing his monarchy 2 years ago Juan Carlos lived like a king in Abu Dhabi. It is known that Abu Dhabi was just one of the main oil suppliers to Spain who paid a “fee,” or bribe, directly to Juan Carlos of about 3 cents a gallon of gas sold. When the x-king left Spain with 100’s of millions of dollars no one knew of this deal he had with oil producers.

For these two years the investigation into the criminal activities in both Spain and Switzerland of the x-king have been going on even with the powerful monarchy trying to cut off the information and investigation. Everything revolved around his criminal theft, or bribe, taken from the Arab oil emirates and the laundering of those funds for his escape to Abu Dhabi.

Spain’s Royals Arrange a Sort of Temporary Amnesty

In true form the x-king is treating his fans and x-subjects to a show as he appears to be a king and not a criminal. In fact both Spain and the Swiss have suspended the investigation so that he can have this show in Spain without the shadow of his crimes showing. But many in Spain are fed up with laws for them and no laws for their “Royal House” and want to end this ancient, outdated, travesty of equality and rule of law. If anyone else had done these things they would be in jail for the rest of their lives.

No return of black money and those he ruled want explanations.

“I think all Spanish citizens deserve an explanation,” Spain’s minister for economic affairs, Nadia Calviño “he should be held accountable and explain to Spaniards what he did while he was the head of state.”

Normal people and Royal Subjects must obey laws – not kings

In this instance one can see that the days of kingdoms is still with us wielding its’ complete disregard for the people who somehow hold them above the law. As long as there is a monarchy, kings and queens the world will continue to be a royal dictatorship where laws are for peons, slaves, and subjects and royals can steal what they can lay their hands on.


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