Big Brother Zelensky Makes Demands At UN

Big Brother Zelensky Makes Demands At UN

EU and Zelensky Agree Only War And Destruction of Russia Will Do

“We can return the Ukrainian flag to our entire territory. We can do it with the force of arms,” EU overlord Zelensky said to the entire world at the UN “But we need time.”

Looming like Big Brother over the other global representatives at the latest UN meeting Zelensky presents war as the only solution and the destruction of Russia the goal. “We fight and die for you.” has been his mantra as he begs for money, weapons, and drugs in his nightly address to the world. The little man with the big ideas has little to do with working towards peace or for the health, wealth and well being of his peoples.

If there is any confusion over who is giving the EU their marching orders it is brought into focus as Zelensky lays claims to control what punishment should be applied and what should be changed. Here he actually exposes the western media lies by offering to lift the sanctions on fertilizers in exchange for radical right wing prisoners. At the same time Biden tells the UN that Russia can export fertilizers. Who is telling the truth? Who controls the sanctions? Why are global sanctions in place because Zelensky demands it? Who is this big brother?

With the shipments of grain finally leaving the Ukrainian mined ports the world waits but gets nothing. Most of the grain has been dumped in Europe bringing with it a wave of resentment is driving EU farmers out of business.

Zelensky used his overlord opinion to demand that Russia lose its seat on the Security Council and its veto powers so that he can take over and bring his “freedom and democracy” to the world.

But for the EU he has demanded, and Scholtz has started the process of changing the “rule of law” in the EU so that powerful members can stomp all over that faux democracy called the European Union. In the coming years there will be a change where all must agree to to political decisions a few will control everything as majority will rule. This is mostly happening because the EU is not united in anything, specially when several smaller states still do business with Russia. The EU commission is not elected under anything democratic to the people and it means the EU is NOT a democracy, it is a plutocracy where kings, queens, and elites elect the rulers FOR the people.

How long will this comedian be playing the part that never ended in his TV series? Facts, reality, are avoided as the drums of war continue. Ukraine has several centuries of racism and its murder of Jews well documented as well as its’ racism against any foreigner. There is no one playing any part in peace except for Turkey. They are actually vying for the lucrative arms sales and putting Ukraine in so much debt the backers will soon own Ukraine while starving the peoples of Europe blaming Russia when it is the US/NATO nations sanctions that are to blame.

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