Democrats Will Not Put Abortion Rights As Law

Democrats Will Not Put Abortion Rights As Law

Democrats Will Not Pass Any Abortion Rights

The Democrats are hell bent to stop any bill giving abortion rights to citizens. While the Democrats hold the ability to pass any bill they want they refuse to do it. The reasons are pretty plain. They want to make it an election issue. If they do it now, they cannot win any elections, if they make promises they never have to keep them. So if elected nothing will be done and the States will retain their right to decide. But if they do a bill now, they have no leverage to force their flocks to vote Democrat.

It was a fools idea that a court decision would assure legal status of abortion. It is not something we are born with. We are born with the ability to get pregnant, but to terminate (which many Americans see as murder) a pregnancy is not something you are born with. We firmly believe in freedom and choice is there to be had but it must be by law. It must be a right given by the government in the form of “Rule of Law” and not court decision.

Democrats Secretly Do Not Want Abortion Rights

Biden has the ability to change all that with the Democrats in control of the House and Senate. Instead Biden decided an executive order that freedom of travel will allow those in States where it is now illegal can go to other States for the procedure. The furthest Joe Biden will come to an abortion bill is pathetic

3 years ago abortion was still on the agenda and won the Democrats many seats on empty promises. So many they could pass the law to legalize abortion. But they did not and do not! They rather see if they can pack the house and Senate to bring more of the same they have been doing. They have NOT been working any bill through the government they control, so why expect that to change?

Don’t be fooled, the Democrats could have done this even this month. Instead they want to be re-elected to do this on a promise. Ask yourself: “When did a politician make good on big promises?” I can only remember Trump doing that. Probably because he was not a life long politico looking for the next pork belly.

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